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Import/Export Sitefinity Website

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  1. Atit Thaker
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    03 Jun 2010
    16 Feb 2011
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    I have to redistribute Sitefinity website which I have created. I went through some posts which says that I can export existing website and create new website using Sitefinity Project Manager. Which I understand.

    I could not complete the import as in my source project I had a code which looks like below.

    01.using System;
    02.using System.Collections.Generic;
    03.using System.Linq;
    04.using System.Web;
    05.using System.Web.UI;
    06.using System.Web.UI.WebControls;
    07.using System.ComponentModel;
    10./// <summary>
    11./// Summary description for AdvertDisplayControlBase
    12./// </summary>
    15.public class AdvertDisplayControlBase : System.Web.UI.UserControl
    17.    [Category("Main")]
    18.    public string SchoolId { get; set; }
    20.    public enum AdvertDisplayStyle
    21.    {
    22.        Horizontal,
    23.        Vertical
    24.    }
    26.    [Category("Main")]
    27.    public AdvertDisplayStyle Advert_Display_Style { get; set; }

    And my source website runs fine without any errors with above code, but when I try to import website and run newly created website, it gives me error that... 

    CS0501: 'AdvertDisplayControlBase.SchoolId.get' must declare a body because it is not marked abstract or extern

    Also, my another concern is, when/if my new website will start, what configurations it will ask me to make? Will it be only connection string or all parameters from <appSettings> sections as well? The reason is, in my appSettins, I have some keys, which needs to change on each copy of the website, so when new website is created, I would like user to input these values along with connection string.

    If setting up project is not possible this way, can you suggest some other way that will allow me to create copy of one template website to another blank website and user can configure conn. string and <appSettings> section.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Ivan Dimitrov
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    12 Sep 2017
    22 Feb 2011
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    Hi Atit ,

    You cannot pass empty get and set. You should create local private variables and use them. Generally you should merge the web.configs. The Export Tool that we have is not supposed to pack large websites with entire data. It is useful for some basic website - skeleton that you want to use in another projects similar to our templates that we ship with the ProjectManager installation.

    Kind regards,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
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2 posts, 0 answered