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Localization of Images & Documents

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  1. Nadya
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    17 Dec 2008
    07 Sep 2009
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    I am developing a web site using Sitefinity 3.7 and I need to localize images & Documents module.
    I read in the forum this is not supported (of course after trying the usual way :

     <add name="Libraries" ... allowLocalization="True" ... /> 
     <add key="Libraries.Name" valueType="ShortText" visible="True" searchable="True" sortable="True" defaultValue="" localizable="True"/> 


    What is the reason of not supporting  multilingual Images & Documents module? Are you going to provide such functionallity any time soon ?

    I also noticed strange behavior when uploading a image - looks like Thumbnail cache problem.

     Lets say  I have an image named IMG1 - and my Items view is with thumbnails. If I edit the image - keep the name but reupload the source file, save and go back to list of items using "Backto all items" button the thumbnail is showing the old picture.

    Another thumbnail problem is the following :

    I have an image IMG2. I delete it and then I upload totally different one but name it again IMG2. On the LibraryItemPreview view the thumbnail is showing the already unexisting picture.
    As well as the items list.

    The link "View Original" is opening again the old picture. 

    All this is happening not only step by step but after refreshing also.

    Is this a known issue and if it is how can I fix it ?

    Thank you ,
    Have a great week,

    Best Nadya

  2. Stoyanka Assenova
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    01 Dec 2016
    07 Sep 2009
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    Hi Nadya,

    It is a known issue. Unfortunately, we cannot provide with any work around for this problem in Sitefinity 3.7. This problem will be fixed in Sitefinity 4.0. For the time being, you can create different libraries depending on the language you want to use.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Best wishes,
    Stoyanka Assenova
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered