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Pre-sale questions

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  1. SelAromDotNet
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    18 Jul 2012
    14 Apr 2008
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    Greetings, I sent an email with these questions but never got a response. I'm hoping that this is a problem with my email account and not your response time! I'm almost ready to purchase but would like some clarification on these issues. If anyone from the company or even the community can help me out I would really appreciate it!

    I’ve tried your trial and the first concern is adding subfolders of pages. For example, if I want to make a link to a section of the site like, I could not find a way to do this. I had to actually create a subgroup departments, then link it to a page underneath it, like However since this is not an actual page, it doesn’t work as a default page for that subfolder, so even though the page /departments/default.aspx logically exists, users who visit will see a 404 error instead of the default.aspx page they would normally see. Is there a workaround to this? I found a thread with some information on it but never got a reply there either.

    On that same note, what if I want to actually add the physical page /departments/default.aspx, and then I want to add a page using the cms system such as /departments/finance.aspx. Can this be done or would I have to make the entire subfolder through the cms? Is your system designed to add actual physical pages in conjunction with the cms content pages?

    Also, do I have access to the RAD tools at design time? I would love to be able to design my own usercontrols and add them to the cms system for use across the various sections, and include the RAD tools in there, but can I reference them at design time as long as I am using them within the sitefinity system? Or can I only add them onto pages using the administration panel of the cms? Do we get updates to the included rad tools if you release an update?

    Is it necessary that I use the nolics engine to work with database data on my custom content? We already have a database to store information like news, contacts, etc, and we will need to develop a custom control to retrieve this information and place it on a page. Currently we are using the DataSet to interact with the database and populate the data. Will we be able to just drop these existing controls into the CMS?

    Can the general public leave comments on blogs/forums/etc or is it restricted only to users?

    Does the events module have its own database or is it a calendar that can be linked to any datasource?

    We have an existing database which houses our visitors login for our current site, it is the built-in 2.0 sql membership provider using the basic sql schema. Would it be possible to either a) migrate these users to the membership provider used by sitefinity, or b) have this provider run alongside sitefinity’s? or c) first b as we implement a.

    Can we use our own assemblies? We have a componentart chart builder license, will there be any problems using our existing controls that make use of these controls?

    If this software works out for us, we will likely be purchasing additional licenses for our other major sites, is your discount only available for licenses purchased at one time, or are they cumulative?

    Finally, I noticed that I cannot find any buttons in the forum for "quote" or "edit". are these features unavailable?

    that is all for now, please feel free to provide me any information on these and anything else you feel might benefit me in my decision to purchase.

    thank you!

  2. Kalina
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    27 Oct 2016
    18 Apr 2008
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    Dear Joel,
    Thank you for considering Sitefinity CMS! Please, find the answers to your questions below:

    1) On the question about adding subfolders of pages:
    This question was answered already in another support thread. Please let us know if you need more details.

    2) On using RAD tools at design time:
    You can create your custom user controls or use all RAD controls that come with Sitefinity (RadEditor, RadChart, RadCalendar, RadWindow, RadTooltip, RadUpload, the Prometheus Controls.)
    For more instructions on how to do that, pleaser refer to the Sitefinity Developer Manual, section Controls.

    3) On using DataSet to interact with the database and populate data into User Controls.
    Yes, you can do that with Sitefinity and you won’t need Nolics for that.
    However, we would recommend migrating your data to the Sitefinity database using our API for two reasons:
    -- better performance;
    -- making use of all valuable features of our news, contacts, and events modules.
    Please let us know if you need more detailed instructions on that and we will provide them.

    4) On allowing general users to post in Forums and Blogs.
    Yes, this is option is enabled by default.
    5) On linking the events to an external to datasource.
    The same as 3 above.

    6) On using the built-in 2.0 sql membership provider.
    Sitefinity uses the same provider. All you need to do is map your provider.

    7) On using your assemblies.
    Sitefinity allows you to use custom assemblies. However, it might be a good idea to test them first. You can do that with our Community Edition which is free.

    8) On using discounts.
    You can use both options – one time discounts and cumulative discounts. This can be arranged directly with our Sales department upon making a purchase. You can contact them at:   

    9) On having quotes and edit in the forums.
    These options will be available in the next update of the forums the next year. Thanks for the suggestions!

    We would be glad to welcome you to the Sitefinity Community!
    Please let us know if we could help you in any other way.

    the Telerik team

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  3. SelAromDotNet
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    912 posts
    18 Jul 2012
    21 Apr 2008
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    thank you for your reply. I just wanted to say that I've been playing with the cms for a while and found the answer to many questions so all of you out there if you're wondering about something, just try it out for a while, you will be impressed! not only is sitefinity a breeze to use, it is so easy to extend and customize! As an developer I feel right at home with the architecture of sitefinity. it's like going from a hammer and nail to a garage full of tools!

    i have already recommended our IT dept to purchase this system, and we should be implementing it as the base for our public website over the coming summer. thank you telerik for making such a great product!
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3 posts, 0 answered