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some questions

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  1. NuToSitefinity
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    01 Sep 2010
    24 Mar 2011
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    Let me start by saying I'm new to the Sitefinity and CMS tools in general  and I come from a .NET background so I'm not sure if alot of what I did on my .NET apps will work in the Sitefinity CMS world. So I have some questions.

    1. I need to create a usercontrol that will show information based on the car the user selected. I want to create one control but pass in the car ID to it so it shows the correct information on it. Also, this usercontrol will be added to the page by the admin so it may not be on the page all the time. So what is the best way to accomplish this in Sitefinity?

    2. In my .NET apps, I encrypt the connection strings in the web.config file, can I do the samething in Sitefiinity or no because the Db open calls isn't exposed?

    3. I want to create 1 template and one page to show my data. is it possible to allow the users to create contet and specifiy what page they want to use instead of creating 100 pages for each car? Example: when someone clicks a car (Mercedes for example) I want to go to my car details page and only see information on Mercedes, and I want the samething if BMW, Porsche, etc is selected, go to one page but show the correct information for that car/model, How can I accomplish this in Sitefinity or do I need to create a Mercedes page, BMW page and a Porsche page?

    thanks for any suggestionr or help.
  2. Ivan Dimitrov
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    12 Sep 2017
    28 Mar 2011
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    Hello NuToSitefinity,

    1. You need to work with some data object that has properties which you can display based on the ID. You can create your cars using some of the generic content based modules which will allow you to use our API directly and you do not need custom persistence  classes.

    2. You can move the web.config to another location - in another web.cofig.

    3. If you use the generic content bases module, the public widget has two modes - List and Detail, so if someone clicks on your car they will go to details mode - all details of the car.

    All the best,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
2 posts, 0 answered