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Project Help Needed

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  1. Chris
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    14 Nov 2008
    14 Nov 2008
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    I've never used Sitefinity yet, but I think it could help me with a complicated problem.  Here's the current complicated situation I need to fix.

    (1) I am working on re-building my clients website.  Here is his current site:  It lack scalability and SEO friendliness.

    (2) A designer who was helping me built a CSS style and mocks for a new site.  He selected Umbraco as a CMS tool.  He's built this prototype:

    (3) It's a powerful system, but has open ended controls and it better suited to developers/designers rather than end users.  My customer would ultimately like to have the ability to manage this site himself.  I would also like the ability to add more SEO content over time.

    (4) My customer expects delivery of his new website by the end of next week.  If we continue as we are, it will be close to finished but far from perfect.  Farther from the user controlled system I had envisioned for them.

    (5) I and my designer know very little about .net products, but I would be able to put in time adding and tuning content in a well templated system.

    What would you recommend if I wanted to convert this setup to Sitefinity?  Is it possible in this timeframe?  What would I need to make this happen?  What kind of costs do you think I would face?

    Your input would be most welcome and appreciated.  Long term I would like to use the system for future situations so that I don't end up in such a big mess.
  2. Georgi
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    28 Oct 2016
    18 Nov 2008
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    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your interest in Sitefinity.
    We think that the time frame is too tight.

    What would you recommend if I wanted to convert this setup to Sitefinity?
    You can migrate your existing pages to Sitefinity as External ones. This means that all pages will keep their design and functionality. They will enter in the sitemap tree, but you will not be able to modify them through Sitefinity.

    Is it possible in this timeframe?
    If you are only going to link the pages, it is possible.
     but you will have to invest some time in preparing the master pages for the pages you create from now on. This is some designers work.

    What would I need to make this happen?  What kind of costs do you think I would face?

    You will only need a Sitefinity blank project. Then navigate to Pages, create new external page and point the URL of your existing pages.
    For the new pages you create, you will have to invest some time to prepare the masterpages and the templates for the CMS pages. I assume you already have the complete design, so you will have to take care only for placing the ContentPlaceHolders, in which you can drag and drop the controls.

    I suggest you to try linking your existing pages in Sitefinity with the External pages approach. All the client wants to see is a ready web site, right? After you show them the web site, you could start migrating the content and the controls to Sitefinity. You could do this in a separate project. This would be very agile and dynamic process but the key is to make the customer happy after all.

    I hope this helps you. Maybe someone from the community could share his thoughts also.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered