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How to debug a Sitefinity Feather based page template layout file?

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  1. Behrooz
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    28 Jul 2015
    18 Jun 2016
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    I am facing with a strange issue which I cannot figure out unless somehow I step into the moment that my MVC (feather) based layout gets rendered. I tried to run the page in visual studio debug mode (with no cache on page setting) but nothing gets hit at layout cshtml file inside ~/ResourcePackages/Foundation/Mvc/Views/Layouts/ folder. How can I do that?

    All of pages in my project are based on pure MVC templates.

    My main issue is that I have a custom footer widget which disappears when I browse an automatically generated URL for detail page of my custom module. When I browse the page which contains listing widget of that custom module (say, everything is ok. my footer widget is displayed and as a matter of fact this footer widget and my custom article widget are completely separate and have nothing to do with each other. However, when I browse an article (say, the footer widget disappears! 

    I wonder how can I diagnose the issue in the first place before I find out the cause and solution. It seems like on detail page with auto-generated URL it is not rendering my layout exactly or picking another layout. How can I debug this?


    I just discovered that my main issue which made me to debug (disappearance of my custom widgets) is actually a bug in Sitefinity feather. There is one line of explanation here which promises it has fixed on this version of feather:

    which says: Other MVC widgets do not show up when in details mode of the Dynamic widget

1 posts, 0 answered