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How to password protect undergoing project

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  1. yang
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    9 posts
    28 Mar 2011
    15 Apr 2011
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    Hi there,

    My project is still developping, how to set a password not allowing browsers viewing webpages through sitefinity?

    Many thanks,
  2. Boyan Barnev
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    1429 posts
    02 Jan 2018
    15 Apr 2011
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    Hi yang,

    Can you please share some more information on the specific setup you have? Do you want to password protect the backend or the front-end pages. There is and already implemented functionality in Sitefinity to password protect the backend (our login screen), if you have concerns about the security this provides, please take a look at the following blog post.
    If you are concerned about users browsing your web site while it's still in production, I guess you implement an IP restriction in IIS, so that only a known range of IPs can access the project. Please inform me in detail if you need to use different functionality, so that I can assist you further.

    Boyan Barnev
    the Telerik team

  3. DMRC
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    5 posts
    30 Aug 2011
    30 Mar 2012
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    Hi Boyan,
    I am not Yang, but I have the same predicament: I believe he wants to password-protect front-end pages. That is what I want to do but cannot find out how to accomplish this. The site is live so IP restrictions won't work. I have a directory within my Sitefinity site that I want to restrict to select customers. This is front-end content only that should be protected. NOT back-end content. How do I accomplish this?
  4. Inna
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    97 posts
    08 Jun 2012
    26 Apr 2012
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    hello, have you ever got an answer for your question? if so, could you share it with me? i need to make our intranet site to be pwd protected from the outside of our network.
    i read the manuals at (i have version 3.7sp4). the manuals said:
    Anonymous access
    Check "Deny" to restrict all access for anonymous visitors and require authentication. Check "Allow" to enable anonymous access the web page without password verification.
    If you set Anonymous access to Deny for a page that has subpages, all subpages will be inaccessible by unregistered users and will require authentication. The option is disabled at the Properties tab for the subpage.

    I've done that, but the I could not find in any manuals how, with the sitefinity help to require authentication; preferably with a functionality where i can "open" a few ip addresses, so we could use the intranet inside the city without the password. thank you.
  5. Jenn
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    1 posts
    24 Jul 2012
    24 Jul 2012
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