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help with sitepanelbar

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  1. mark
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    05 Sep 2008
    23 Sep 2008
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    I have a menu structure of (example):

    * home
    * products
    * * hardware
    * * * Box 1
    * * * Box 2
    * * software
    * * * app1
    * * * app2

    id like the menu of all pages inside of Product to display (in heirarchy)

    * box 1
    * box 2
    * app1
    * app2

    but cant get it working. my current settings on all pages are:

    Startingnodeoffset 2
    shartfromcurrentnode false
    showstartingnode true

    i know the key is in here but dont know how to achieve it.
  2. Gabe Sumner
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    440 posts
    09 Sep 2007
    23 Sep 2008
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    Hi Mark,

    Are you using the Site Treeview control for your navigation?  You mentioned the results you're looking for, but what is the Treeview currently displaying?

    I suspect what you're wanting is to select the starting node.  The Site Treeview control does not currently allow this.  However, you can create a custom control to do this fairly easily.

    The following thread explains how to create this control:

    Hopefully this is what you're looking.  Please let me know if this does not help.

    Gabe Sumner

  3. mark
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    22 posts
    05 Sep 2008
    24 Sep 2008
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    Thanks ill pass tjhis onto someone who knows about .net development as im 'just' a front of shop designer
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3 posts, 0 answered