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Pre- and Post-Markup

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  1. Gary
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    19 Jul 2007
    14 Oct 2008
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    I often surround blocks of content within a page with some containing markup to create a visual container. This is a particularly challenging task to accomplish with Sitefinity. It's easy to drag several controls to placeholders on the page, but the only way to surround those control with additional markup is to either embed it within the HTML of the Generic Content control, or for other controls to modify the control source itself. Neither of these solutions is ideal.

    Another option is to create a different master page and upload it as a new template. However, with this model, I end up almost creating a new master page for each actual page. This is not ideal either.


    To see an example of this type of layout, look at the home page. The surrounding markup for the containers is something like this:

    <div class="boxwrapper">
      <div class="header">
        <h2>The Heading</h2>
     <div class="boxcontent">
         ...actual content goes here...

    Other examples, such as, may require more complex markup.

    Proposed Solution

    It would be handy if each control exposed a Pre-Markup field and a Post-Markup field. Would you consider including this in the 4.0 release? Or, is there already a more elegant solution available that has so far evaded me?


  2. Ivan
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    16 Jun 2015
    20 Oct 2008
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    Hello Gary,

    we have scheduled the template improvements for 4.0 which will enable exactly what you are asking for - creating more complex markup for different parts of the control and which you will be able to control most probably directly from Sitefinity editor.

    The problem has been recognized and we have started to work on the preliminary specifications.

    I hope you'll find this information helpful. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered