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SF Designer vs Developer

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  1. James@Nw
    James@Nw avatar
    265 posts
    05 May 2009
    26 Jan 2011
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    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for all of your help with my Sitefinity questions in the past, I realise that some of the questions must pee you off at times when they seem so simple.

    I noticed that you have added a level of where someone is at above my profile name (mine is intermediate) but if I may make a suggestion to add to this?

    I am a designer who implements Sitefinity sites and don't always understand the jargon or lingo used when it comes to the development side of SF. Could you maybe to our profiles whether or not a person is a designer, developer or quasi Sitefinity user so that when we post something you will be able to see what level we're at and better be able to answer our technical questions?

    For example, I have no idea what resx files are and what they are for. So if I write on the forums, you will be able to see if I am a designer or developer which will give you a better idea of how to answer our questions.

    Many thanks, I hope this helps get questions answered quicker and easier.

  2. Atanas
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    7 posts
    20 Oct 2015
    31 Jan 2011
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    Hi James@Nw,

    Thank you for your valuable feedback!

    As you know currently we offer three different User Status Levels, indicated by a small icon next to your naming in the Forums:

    • Beginner Status, indicated by a white icon, meaning that you have not earned any status yet. This usually indicates that you are new to the Forums;
    • Intermediate Status, indicated by a fellow with a hat. This status is received automatically after you post several times in unique Forum threads;
    • People get the Master Status after being very active in the Telerik Forums. These are the guys that take the most out of Telerik, both in terms of Telerik Points and monthly awards;
    • Ultimately, you can be awarded the MVP Status with all of its benefits, and know that you are helping directly in our company’s success.

    These statuses for now are dynamically generated and they don't make differentiation between developer, quality assurance or designer. Nevertheless your idea seems very interesting and I'll log it in our internal bug tracking system in order to discuss it internally. I guess we will implement it once we decide to reorganize our current clients statuses and forum enhancements which probably will happen at the second half of this year.

    I'm adding 500 Telerik points to Your Account for this feature suggestion!

    Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further issues that you experience!


    the Telerik team


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  3. Gabe Sumner
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    440 posts
    09 Sep 2007
    31 Jan 2011
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    I love this suggestion.  Thanks again James for posting.

    Unlike many other Telerik products, Sitefinity has this challenge of diverse audiences.  I'm very interested (from an education, communication & support perspective) about how to better engage with each type of audience.

    If you have other suggestions, feel free to post here or email me (

    Gabe Sumner
    Telerik | Sitefinity CMS
  4. James@Nw
    James@Nw avatar
    265 posts
    05 May 2009
    16 Feb 2011
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    Hi Atanas and Gabe,

    Thanks for getting back to me on this.

    I think just getting a better understanding of where your clients are with Sitefinity will help you guys save a lot of time and ours if you can nail the answer first time. So, if you knew that I am mostly a designer implementing SF for someone and moving up the ranks slowly to one day being an MVP, then you will better be able to answer my question and we will all save a little bit of time.

    What I would also like to see is a "further reading" option whereby there may be related posts in my question. I know that I can go and search these for myself and I do, but it would be nice to see something like this in a question I have posted.

    I will think of some more time saving ideas and post them here as I do.

    Many thanks,
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4 posts, 0 answered