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Sharepoint Vs SiteFinity

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  1. Ken Fleming
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    4 posts
    10 Apr 2007
    21 Mar 2008
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    We are getting asked why we use SiteFinity instead of Sharepoint.
    At the time Sharepoint looked like major over kill for what we were doing.

    Anyone out there done any comparisons.
  2. Kalina
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    176 posts
    27 Oct 2016
    24 Mar 2008
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    Dear Ken,

    Below are a couple of reasons why our clients select Sitefinity over Sharepoint.

    • Sitefinity is easier to set up, manage, and maintain;
    • Sitefinity has user friendly interface;
    • Sitefinity is very flexible and easy to extend;
    • The support of Sitefinity is handled by the developers working on the project.

    In general, Sitefinity is more suitable for small and medium sized sites.

    If you need a more detailed comparison, you can also refer to this site:

    I hope that answers your question. Please let us know if you need more specific information.
    Have a nice day,

    the Telerik team

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  3. Erik
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    34 posts
    06 Dec 2007
    01 Apr 2008
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    I've been faced with a similar predicament.  When upper management endorses SharePoint for content management, what they don't realize is that they think it's a one stop shop for all content needs, when in reality, Sharepoint falls short in a lot of areas.

    For example, Sharepoint is EXTREMELY hard to customize visually and stylistically.  Ask anyone out there and they'll tell you that it is better to customize Sharepoint minimally or else you are in for a nightmarish ride.  Sharepoint is designed for niche situations rather than being an all-around web content management system.  Its integration with Office is the main draw to the product because it is a way to manage document repositories and the like, which to me is a totally separate feature from what Sitefinity offers.

    With every web project though selecting a CMS depends on what you want the site to do.  If you want a general content site with some basic modules like blogs and forums and where design is limitless and produces valid XHTML output, Sitefinity is the obvious choice.  Sharepoint makes more sense in an intranet scenario where multiple users collaborate on documents and need a place to manage them.  Microsoft's marketing makes a lot of people believe that Sharepoint is good for web content management as well, but what most people don't realize is that those features were kind of put on as an afterthought.

  4. eliza
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    1 posts
    25 Jun 2010
    25 Jun 2010
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    Migration to Sharepoint 2010 is being offered by Mindfire Solutions.Plz visit the link for more details.
  5. Shawn
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    79 posts
    01 Jun 2010
    21 Jul 2010
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    The post is a little old but still valid as our company was asked the same question.  When you talk to Microsoft, SharePoint is the answer to all of your problems.  In can do wCMS, collaboration, and anything else you would ever want to do.  In reality, it probably can but it's expensive and hard to customize.  Depending on the number of servers, users, domains, etc. licensing for SharePoint can run into the tens of thousands of dollars (and that estimate is on the low side).

    From a developer perspective Sitefinity does wCMS very well.  It's not so huge that I feel overwhelmed learning it.  I've only worked with it for a little over a month and I know the system really well.  I can create new modules, controls, templates, etc. very quickly.  SharePoint is a behemoth application.  When you need to customize SharePoint you could spend weeks digging through the documentation or hire an expensive consultant.  I would recommend Sitefinity to anyone.  The documentation, webinars, videos, etc. are hands down the greatest feature of Sitefinity.  If you're not sure how to do something chances are you can find someone that has already done it in these forums or in the knowledge base.  I can't wait for the Sitefinity 4 release.  I think it will give the big players in the CMS market a run for their money.
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5 posts, 0 answered