About the Marketplace

Welcome to the Sitefinity Marketplace!

This website offers facilities for community members to post a variety of Sitefinity extensions, including controls, modules, and templates. We hope you will find the extensions useful.

The Sitefinity Team invites you to share your work by making a listing of your Sitefinity extensions. To create a new listing, please visit our “Make a Submission” page.

Some highlights about the Sitefinity marketplace:

  • Some resources are free while others are paid. The paid resources can be purchased from the publishers’ websites.
  • All items in Sitefinity Marketplace are within the ownership of the respective publishers. Telerik has no responsibility in terms of support and maintenance. Telerik does not provide any warranties for the listed resources.
  • Sitefinity extensions available on Marketplace have been contributed by third-party developers, partners, and the Sitefinity Team. Extensions that are not marked Sitefinity Validated have not been formally tested by Telerik and Telerik makes no claims and implies no warranties regarding their downloads, which are not physically stored on Telerik servers. All those downloads should be thoroughly virus scanned before being used. For more information, please read our Terms of Use.

Sitefinity validated marketplace listings

Sitefinity CMS validated extension

Only Marketplace listings that are distributed as a free download could have the Sitefinity Validated logo on them. All Sitefinity validated marketplace listings are hosted by Telerik. The Sitefinity Team has tested those extensions against a blank Sitefinity project in order to ensure that they do not break the system. Extensions are tested on the respective Sitefinity versions that they support. All downloadable files have also been vetted for malicious software. It is the publisher’s responsibility to ensure that their Sitefinity extensions do not have bugs and work as stated on their description.

Note that even though a Sitefinity extension has been tested on a blank Sitefinity project, Telerik cannot be held responsible, if an extension breaks a Sitefinity website due to customizations that have been made to it.

If you have any feedback about the marketplace, we invite you to contact us.

Thank you!
The Sitefinity Team