Copy.Paste.Done for Sitefinity 2.0

by eVeliko Ltd.
Publication date:
Dec 14, 2012, 16:32 PM


  • Sitefinity 6.x
  • Sitefinity 5.x

Price: $ 49

CopyPaste Cover Photo

Meet the product that saves hundreds of hours!

Copy.Paste.Done for Sitefinity 2.0 is a module that allows you to copy a control from anything in Sitefinity that has a designer – page, page template, email template or form.

Copy page and template controls with 2 clicks

You spent 2 hours to setup all control properties and now you need it on another page or template?
No problem!
Right click, copy, right click, paste, you’re probably 2 hours ahead now.
Imagine how much more creative work can you do instead manually replicating things each and every time!

Copy form controls

Do you have a large choices list you did on one of your forms? Now you need to use the very same list for another form. Right click - copy, right click - paste. We’ve seen this hundreds of times – for example – having a choices list of products and now you need it on another form.
And how about that – you have a longer form you use with promotions and you need a simpler form that only has a few of the fields for your landing pages.
You just saved another 2 hours of manually copying things and re-testing

Copy email template controls

Have spent quite some time on testing your email navigation, header or footer and want to re-use it on another email template?
Right click –> copy, right click –> paste.
2 more hours were saved...

Survived 5 Sitefinity releases without hotfixes

Although some day there will be some breaking chances in Sitefinity that will require hotfixes, we survived 5 releases without the need to apply hotfixes. We tried to minimize the chance to use something in Sitefinity that is likely to change in the short term and so far it seems it pays off.

Install / uninstall is a breeze

Just copy the files and it’s installed. Remove the files – it’s uninstalled.
There are no client tools to install whatsoever.