Falafel InternAds Widget

by Falafel Software Inc.
Publication date:
Jan 11, 2012, 08:06 AM


  • Sitefinity 4.4

Price: $ 8.99

Falafel InternAds allows you to quickly and easily create intersitial ads on any Sitefinity website turning your traffic into a cash cow. Make your traffic work for you and turn your websites money making switch to on by pushing ads, subscription offers, trials, eBooks, etc!


  • Show ads quickly and easily!
  • Timer can be disabled!
  • Optional close / skip button. InternAds delay allows you to show ads right away or let users browse the page for X amount of time before ad shows.
  • Wait timer allows you to control how frequent ads show to your users.
  • Use any type of content in your ads! Flash, HTML , Images, Demo Videos, Audio, etc.
  • Resizes ad frames when the browser dimensions change!
  • Does not effect search engine rankings or spiders!