Falafel Twitter Feed Widget

by Falafel Software Inc.
Publication date:
May 6, 2011, 09:22 AM


  • Sitefinity 4.x

Price: $ 0
Introducing the Falafel Twitter Feed Widget for Sitefinity 4. The widget dynamically returns a specified search result from Twitter and displays them on a page. Simply specify the query parameters and the widget will do the rest!
  • Live mode, show what's happening right now
  • Show tweets from or to a user
  • You can choose whether to open links in a new window or in the same window
  • Show tweets containing a specific word
  • Support to search multiple users/words
  • Optionally restrict searchs by language
  • Optionally display your avatar
  • Do not slow down your page while tweets are loading
  • Customize the style with your own stylesheet
  • Based on the famous jQuery Juitter plugin

This free widget comes with a mark at the bottom of the widget displaying "Written by Falafel", if you would like to remove the branding, please purchase the non-branded version from the Falafel store. Installation instructions.



Falafer Twitter Widget