FormBuilder Module

by Falafel Software Inc.
Publication date:
Dec 22, 2010, 11:52 AM


  • Sitefinity 3.7

Price: $ 29

FormBuilder is a module-based plugin that allows non-technical administrators to create unlimited forms from their control panel. What really sets this apart from other form builders is the ability to record form submissions into the database. We were able to leverage Sitefinity's clean API by extending the Generic Content module (for storing forms) and the Comments framework (for recording submissions).

While one of the most demanded feature for Sitefinity CMS is the ability for administrators to create forms on-the-fly, there is still no built-in capability of this with the current release (v3.7). Indeed, Sitefinity goes a long way to build a solid foundation to extend functionality, so we took it upon ourselves to create this feature and share it with the community.


  • Ability for administrators to add input fields without writing a single line of code:
    • Fieldset Group
    • Text Input
    • Text Area
    • WYSIWYG Editor
    • Date Input
    • Number Input
    • Label Text
    • Check Box
    • Check Box List
    • Radio Button List
    • Drop Down List
    • Captcha Control
    • File Upload Input
    • Hidden Field
  • Field options, such as validations, default values, read only, orientation, and much more
  • Send form to multiple emails (including CC and BCC)
  • Specify custom text for the subject, send button, success message, failure message, validation message, and confirmation message
  • Ability to automatically email a confirmation message to the user who submitted the form
  • Standardized form generation allowing you to style using your own CSS
  • Ability to record all form submissions for easy viewing in the admin control panel
  • Export submissions to a CSV spreadsheet file
  • Redirect to another page after submission
  • Option to use jQuery tooltip pop-ups for field instuctions
  • Merge fields into confirmation emails that are sent out for personalized messages
  • Integration with newsletter module!
  • Granular security for forms
  • Documentation built right into the interface


Sitefinity module screenshot