Sitefinity CSS Editor

by Falafel Software Inc.
Publication date:
Dec 22, 2010, 09:02 AM


  • Sitefinity 3.7

Price: $ 0

CSS Editor is an extension that brings the desktop experience of a file explorer to view and modify your Sitefinity files right on the web!

Do you find yourself jumping through FTP or RDP hoops just to make a simple change to a theme? Are you also burdened by custom requests to make simple updates to their CSS stylesheets they can do themselves, but accept it because you do not want to give them FTP access to the server?

These are things of the past with CSS Editor! Now you can easily modify files online through your browser. Although we call it a CSS editor, it will allow you to modify any type of file you specify, but you will have to turn off page validation because of special characters.


  • Open, edit, and save files online without FTP or RDP!
  • Code syntax highlighting for easier file editing using EditArea
  • Allow access to multiple folder paths that you specify
  • Restrict to file extensions for even further security
  • Organize your files and folders: upload, create, rename, delete, and drag-and-drop
  • Built-in context menu
  • Cross-browser compatibility


CSS Explorer File Explorer

CSS Explorer Code Editor