by Graphically Speaking
Publication date:
Feb 18, 2011, 14:59 PM


  • Sitefinity 3.7

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AutoNav.NET is, by far, the easiest navigation generator to set up and use for any .NET site.

AutoNav.NET is an ASP.NET control that is designed to easily generate navigation elements (main navigation, breadcrumbs, sub-navigation) programmatically with minimal setup. It is designed to work with Sitefinity CMS or as a standalone .NET control.

In Sitefinity, AutoNav is far easier to configure than the included Navigation controls. For one, all rendering modes are included in one control. Secondly, in most cases, you may need to configure your navigation controls in one master page only. This differs from the approach of Sitefinity controls, which require you to manually select nodes, and configure sub-navigation in a variety of templates.