Footer Links Control

by Mustafa Kipergil
Publication date:
Dec 8, 2009, 16:47 PM


  • Sitefinity 3.7

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In most websites, footer links are the best way to promote inner pages. Those small links give visitors an easy navigation opportunity and enable search engine bots to index your pages quicker.

In this sense, I created a user control which lists the Sitefinity sitemap page links.

You can check the Whitehouse home page in order to see where I got my inspiration from.


Control Usage :

Using this control is very simple. All you need is to install the control as you did before and place it on your footer placeholder.

1 - Include css styles to your page. ( Also See: CSS Inlcude Control )
2 - Then set the ParentNodes property as a comma separated string.

What is the ParentNodes property?

This property contains the index numbers of the root links of the Sitefinity Sitemap that you want to show on the Footer Links control. ( Zero (0) is the index of the home (root) page in most cases)

Sitefinity CMS validated extension

Example: Lets assume that we have an hierarchy of site map like this :

About Us
- company profile
- workers
- history
- Web development
- E-Commerce
- Seo Optimization
- Company News
- Company on Press
- Career Opportunities
Contact Us


As you can easily see that parent nodes in this example refers to the index numbers as following :

Home : 0
About Us : 1
Solutions : 2
News : 3
Contact Us : 4

So what you need is to pass these indexes as a comma separated string in the ParentNodes property of this control.

Example :

ParendNodes = 1,2,3
Then only About us, Solutions, News and their sublinks will be shown on the footer links control. You can customize the nodes indexes according to your preferences.

I hope you find this control useful for your projects.

PS : for any comment and question, please feel free to ask...