Find Controls

by Roger West Creative and Code
Publication date:
Nov 30, 2010, 17:33 PM


  • Sitefinity 3.7
  • Sitefinity 3.6

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When maintaining Sitefinity web sites, administering controls placed on individual pages becomes important. Doing so in a timely fashion is considerably more important, especially for site administrators.  To this end, the Find Controls control was developed for searching and enumerating controls found in Sitefinity pages. The control provides a textbox for performing simple searches against Sitefinity pages matching a desired string.

Pages matching search criteria are listed in a grid, which provides various administration options:

  • Edit: view page in edit mode
  • Preview: view page in preview mode
  • Properties: displays the page properties in Sitefinity

Searching for web controls should be an easy task, but what if the name or type of control is unknown?

To address this problem, a "List Web Controls" feature has been included.  The feature operates as a hyperlink located directly below the search textbox.  When activated, it lists the controls found in existing Sitefinity pages.

Sitefinity CMS validated extension


Sitefinity user control screenshot