Version Checker

by Roger West Creative and Code
Publication date:
Dec 1, 2010, 08:49 AM


  • Sitefinity 3.2
  • Sitefinity 3.7
  • Sitefinity 3.6
  • Sitefinity 3.1
  • Sitefinity 3.5
  • Sitefinity 3.x

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The Version Checker was developed with the non-technical user in mind. More specifically, marketing departments often times need to determine the version of Sitefinity running on a given web site. Although finding the version Sitefinity running on a web site requires no technical knowledge, few people will know what to do with "Sitefinity 3.2.1616.2:0."

Fortunately, running the Version Checker requires no prior knowledge of HTML, <meta> tags, nor is database or file system access required.  We've taken the version information published by Ivan Dimitrov and simply automated the process of loading the desired Sitefinity web site URL, extracting the generator meta tag, and comparing the result with a table of Sitefinity releases to provide human-readable version information.

The Version Checker runs as a standalone program from any computer.  To check the version of Sitefinity running on a remote web site:

  1. Run the VersionChecker.exe binary
  2. Enter the desired web site URL, i.e.,
  3. Click on the "Get Sitefinity Version" button

Sitefinity CMS validated extension


ASP.NET CMS extension screenshot