Sitefinity Toolkit

by SelAromDotNet
Publication date:
Dec 6, 2012, 14:44 PM


  • Sitefinity 3.x

Price: $ 0

The Sitefinity Toolkit is a collection of enhancements to the Sitefinity Content Management System by Telerik. It includes a number of tools to automate and simplify a number of actions and features. For more details, take a look at my Introduction to the Sitefinity Toolkit.

Each feature will get its own blog post with details on how to use it, and will be linked here as they are updated.


  • Sitemap - Generate an XML SiteMap that can be submitted to search engines
  • Smooth-Menu - Generates a very simple navigation menu from your Sitefinity pages
  • Search Index Providers - Add events, active news, and Generic Content items to the search index
  • Mobile Browser Detection - Detects if users are on a mobile device and switches to a mobile theme
  • Lowercase Urls - Ensures all requests are 301 redirected to lowercase urls
  • API - Creates JSON strings from News and Events
  • Event Reminder - Allows you to add Outlook Reminders to your events
  • Workflow Notifications - Automatically sends emails when items are sent for approval and approved (Sitefinity Standard Edition Only) 
  • NEW! iCal Feed for items in the Events Module - Allows you to create a basic ical feed for events. Very limited implementation, only works with the default provider and creates an iCal from the current date, stretching +/- 6 months in either direction.