Events Registration Widget

by Sitefinity Engineers
Publication date:
Oct 20, 2012, 12:14 PM


  • Sitefinity 6.x
  • Sitefinity 5.x

Price: $ 0

This widget will enable your users to easily register for your events and it will turn your existing Sitefinity website into a fully featured event management website. It connects four Sitefinity modules together:

  • The Forms module - where you can create your own registration form,
  • The Events module - within which the events are created,
  • The Email Campaigns module - where you can create message templates for the confirmation emails and
  • The Ecommerce module - in case that you want to have paid events.

Where is the registration information stored? Right in the Sitefinity database, allowing you to have access to it at any time.



How to install:

Additional Installation Instructions (new):

Option 1: Extract, the archive and find the your version of Sitefinity in the Builds folder. Then copy and paste the EventsRegistration.dll into your project's bin folder and you are good to go!

Option 2: For any other Sitefinity Version, open the project in Visual Studio and added to your Sitefinity Solution. Just make sure to reference the following assemblies from the bin folder of the Sitefinity project you will use. You can also delete them and reference them again to make sure they will point to the bin folder of your Sitefinity project:

Events Registration Widget References

Just build the project and you will be good to go. The widget will self-install itself. 


Now the widget is available on GitHub for those who want to extend it and customize it (link here)

Version History:

1.1 Self-installing capabilities were added