Kangaroo (Embed Resources Control)

by Sitefinity Engineers
Publication date:
Oct 20, 2012, 12:29 PM


  • Sitefinity 5.x

Price: $ 0

This Sitefinity widget was created with a special focus on designers and developers to facilitate the process of referenced resources management within the pages and the templates built with Sitefinity.

The first version of the widget features:

  • Support  for different  resources

    Easy add references to your JavaScript, CSS and LESS files. The LESS resources will be processed client side with the solution of Alexis Sellier.

  • Unlimited sources

    Choose to reference resources from the root of the project or from a CDN locate resource. Use the file explorer or just point the URL of the resource.

  • Different zones

    Choose to register your resources in the header or just before the closing body tag of your Sitefinity pages

  • Drag and Drop Interface

    Amazing drag and drop design to let you easily change the location of or the order of your resources. Now you control, what will be loaded, where and in what order.

Kangaroo Crazy Banner

Update: Soon the widget will be available on GitHub or NuGet to increase the befit for the community.