Dynamic Mega Menu

by Spin Box
Publication date:
Dec 6, 2012, 14:34 PM


  • Sitefinity 5.x
  • Sitefinity 5.2
  • Sitefinity 4.3
  • Sitefinity 4.2 SP1
  • Sitefinity 5.0 SP1
  • Sitefinity 5.1
  • Sitefinity 4.4
  • Sitefinity 5.0
  • Sitefinity 5.0 Hotfix

Price: $ 95

The Spinbox Media Mega Menu for Sitefinity is a CSS/jQuery based navigation that allows for the display of page group/parent node titles and images for Sitefinity 4.x and Sitefinity 5.x.

The navigation itself is built using clean, standards compliant markup with no complex nested HTML to contend with.  The menu will work using CSS alone but jQuery has also been used to override the basic CSS hover rules allowing for animated effects if required.

The core feature for this navigation is the ability to specify an image per page created within Sitefinity that will be used in the output for the navigational item along with the page title.

For example, if when creating your ‘About Us’ top-level page in Sitefinity you specify an image (additional field added in Sitefinity), that image will be outputted for use in the mega menu HTML structure along with the page title.  Each page can have a unique image.

The widget uses Sitefinity’s sitemap control which means the navigation will tie-in directly with Sitefinity’s own workflow.  If a page is deleted or un-published, the navigation will reflect the change so no manual updates are required.

Key features

  • Full integration support
  • CSS & jQuery based
  • Unique image able to be specified per page/navigational item
  • Page title able to be displayed per page/navigational item
  • Clean Standards compliant markup
  • Responds to Sitefinity sitemap control so unpublished or deleted pages do not show

Dynamic Mega menu screenshotDynamic Mega menu screenshot