TJB XML News Ticker

by TJB Software
Publication date:
Sep 8, 2010, 07:18 AM


  • Sitefinity 3.7

Price: $ 30

The TJB XML News Ticker control is a lightweight, .Net/Javascript control which by default displays a news feed  from BBC.

Sitefinity cms widget logoEach headline contains a summary of the story as well as a thumbnail image.  The control has been deliberately designed to be easy to format - it only requires you to add 3 literal controls to the template with specific names - all of which has been done in the supplied sample site.  You are then free to format, position etc. as you require.

The stories fade out and back in again using the included javascript library, Glow.

Also included are detailed instructions on how to incorporate the control into your Sitefinity website with the least effort. 

It is also possible to specify your own XML feed - for example, you could adapt the Sitefinity events RSS handler to display Sitefinity news instead, or even events by writing your own handler, then pointing the control to the relevant address (providing you match the required XML format, which is described in the Sample site).

As this is a .Net control, this can also be used completely independently of Sitefinity.

The zip comes with a non-expiring license allowing you to run the product under localhost settings.  Licenses are purchased per-domain.  The first charge for a domain is $30 USD (£20 GBP).  Every domain you purchase thereafter is charged at $15 USD (£10 GBP).  More information on purchasing can be found in the zip file.


Sitefinity cms screenshot