• Alanta

    Alanta is a company specializing in the development and design of complex web applications, mostly on ASP.NET. We strongly believe in sharing the knowledge gained from working with technologies like Sitefinity. Please check out our blog for some in-depth Sitefinity and ASP.NET articles.
  • Sitefinity Logo

    Sitefinity Engineers

    A team of devoted professionals and ruthless .NET ninjas. We are the Sitefinity Sales Engineers.

    Our goal is to enrich the community with good examples and best practices on how Sitefinity can be extended and customized to fit any business case. 
  • Tom

  • Coding Staff

    Coding Staff is a web development team creating functional, secure, easy-to-use and visually appealing web solutions. Technologies we work with include ASP.NET, PHP, Python, iOS. Coding Staff is also involved in creation of startups such as Quote Roller – an awesome app that helps create, manage and send business proposals. We invite you to visit our website at http://www.codingstaff.com/ to learn more about our products.

  • Ichiro Honda

    I am a web designer located in Kamakura (Kanagawa), Japan. I am working as a UI designer in a small web company in Tokyo. Like to customize and play with differents CMS, carts and other web software.


  • Issa Qandil

    Working on web application development.
  • Spin Box

    Spin Box Media is an independent, focused digital design and web agency, who are passionate about what we do. We love design, usability and have the technical knowhow without getting you bogged down with the jargon of it all.

    We spend time to understand your business and marketing objectives and give you the tailored web tools and deliver stunning, practical, functional and accessible web sites with the digital media for marketing your brand.

    Our creative website designs, amazing application development and awesome CMS will blow your mind from this London and UK based web agency. Our philosophy is... “be flexible”.

    Fully using the power of SEO and Social Media, our Sitefinity version includes full integration of Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, as well as a fully integrated E-commerce solution within Sitefinity. But the CMS features do not stop there, with recruitment and property modules; we can turn your website into a job board, or a property advertising master piece.

    Our web designs are of the highest standard, using fully valid code for the technical’s, and user engagement and usability at the forefront of every online marketing strategy, you need to contact Spin Box web design today.

  • George Saadeh

    George Saadeh is an independent and freelancer consultant with extensive experience on the ASP.NET platform in general and Sitefinity in particular.
  • Duncan

  • Shane Leipper

    Shane Leipper

  • eVeliko Ltd.

    eVeliko is a software company situated in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Our mission is to automate or at least streamline as much of the work we can. This way you can focus on something more meaningful and creative than repeating the same thing over and over again. Our mantra - We automate.
  • Dev Button

    We focus on Web & Desktop Software Development, User Interface & User Experience Consulting, Graphic Design, HTML, JavaScript, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, PHP, Classic ASP, VB6, Adobe Flash, ActionScript, MySQL, MS SQL Server, DTS, SSIS, SSRS, General IT Support..


  • Cobalt

    Cobalt is a software development firm that specializes in working with member-based organizations and certifications boards. Founded in 1996, Cobalt helps clients drive revenue, increase internal efficiency, and offer value-added services to their customers through our CRM-based data management products as well as personalized, database-driven web sites, systems integration, and content management solutions. Cobalt’s strength lies in our wide breadth of expertise and proficiencies in numerous technologies that offer our clients multiple solutions to complex problems.
  • Saad Khan

    Software developer.
  • Sam Grimmer

    Sam Grimmer

  • Chris Bond

    Chris Bond
  • VA-Solutions


  • Web Spot Media Group

    Web Spot Media Group

  • codebot3000

    codebot3000 is an independent code generating machine that likes to share code with the programming community. codebot3000 has been generating code for 15 years for all things Microsoft related.  codebot3000 has worked with many different purchased, open source, and custom written .Net based CMS systems but finds working with Sitefinity to be the most enjoyable. codebot3000 hopes you find its marketplace offerings to be useful and time saving.
  • Steve Webb

    Steve Webb 

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