Steve McNiven-Scott

My name is Steve McNiven-Scott, and I’m a 30 year old Canadian living in Cambridge Ontario. I like to joke around, and have a very “glass is ½ full” view on life (depending on what’s in the glass).

I work at McMaster University in the Division of e-Learning and Innovation. We develop tools to help med students and administrators free themselves from the shackles of what they call “paper”. Our primary domains are and It’s a fantastic place to work, our bosses give us the freedom to develop cool things and use new technologies.

I’ve been fortunate to develop almost entirely with C# in ASP.NET and have been a fan of the Telerik suite for the past few years. Sitefinity has really been a fantastic CMS to develop with. You will never find another company more dedicated to support than Telerik. I look forward to providing as many helper controls to the community as I can. Keep checking my website for new bits and updates.

I hope you enjoy my controls and please…avoid using them for evil.