TJB Software

Tony Bolton

My name is Anthony Bolton and I created TJB Software to handle many of my software development projects created over a number of years.  We specialise in both Windows and web design, focusing primarily on .Net development.  We also handle graphic design elements, particularly specialising in taking concept-art and making them into accessible, fully functional websites.

I have personally been developing in .Net since it's creation, moving from a C/Java-based background, finding .Net a natural progression from these languages.  I have over 15 years commercial experience in major distributed applications, again specialising in web applications, database programming and ERP-based solutions.

The XML News Ticker was a spin-off from a current major Sitefinity-based website we're currently working on.  After trying to find a decent ticker which looked the part that had been written in .Net, and didn't need any other server-based solution to work (ie. PHP etc), I realised nothing fitted ours or the customers requirement - so after writing it decided to make it our first public release.  We hope this is the first of many and that you find the control useful!