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Pages Management Videos

  • Quick look: Using Breadcrumb Navigation in Sitefinity

    03:10 min'
    This video shows how easy it is to add breadcrumb navigation to a website using Sitefinity CMS. This navigation can be added to an individual page or site-wide by editing ...
  • Adding a Navigation Menu to a Sitefinity Website

    02:12 min'
    Adding a navigation menu based on the published pages of your Sitefinity website is a snap with the native Navigation Widget. Drop it on a Page Template to make it ...
  • Creating a Sitefinity Page Template

    04:56 min'
    Page templates in Sitefinity allow you to create reusable, consistent layouts and designs for your pages.
  • How Sitefinity helps prevent broken links

    02:17 min'
    This short video shows how Sitefinity CMS helps prevent broken links when existing pages are moved in the site hierarchy.
  • Template Builder

    2:05 min'
    The Sitefinity Template Builder allows you to create templates and themes for your Sitefinity websites with a snap. You no longer need CSS & HTML skills in order to develop ...
  • Widget Templates in Sitefinity

    12:25 min'
    This video takes a quick look at the widget template editor included in Sitefinity.