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How to Create Your Mobile Development Strategy – CMS for Responsive Web Design, Mobile Apps, and Mobile Websites

Mobile CMS: The upsurge of mobile devices presents huge opportunities for business. But what mobile development strategy should you choose to ensure you engage your customers in a mobile experience that keeps them coming back to your site?

To create an effective mobile development strategy you need to assess the intentions of your visitors and align that with your business goals. Based on your visitors’ behavior do you deliver one mobile experience adapted for all devices? Is there a Mobile CMS equipped to handle both Device Specific and Device Agnostic development strategies?

In this video, Sitefinity identifies three approaches to jump start your mobile development strategy – Responsive Web Design, Mobile Apps, and Mobile Websites.

Whether you are just starting to address mobile, or reevaluating your current mobile strategy, this video will help you find the right approach for your mobile presence.

Learn more about Sitefinity's solution for mobile and its web content management platform equipped with development options for your complete mobile presence.

Read the white paper: Three Steps to a Better Mobile Development Strategy