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  • Drinking our own Champagne

    How Progress Uses Sitefinity for a Full Web Experience

    Sitefinity is central to the Progress digital marketing strategy.


    Find out how Progress develops and maintains Sitefinity applications that contain hundreds of content edits and millions of pageviews every single day. Get an inside look at the environment setup, practices for development and release automation that are the result of years of collaboration between marketing, DevOps, Sitefinity engineering and the web team.

  • Join the Movement: Personalization 2.0

    New technologies are shifting the way companies engage their customers and prospects. Personalization is one of those technologies—what started out as a basic marketing tool has quickly become a marketing must-have. Now, we’re living in the time of Personalization 2.0—an age of hyper personalized customer experiences.

    Help us usher in Personalization 2.0. Join our guest Brendan Witcher of Forrester Research as he discusses how companies can craft more personalized experiences and the benefits of personalization. Our own Chris Doran will also discuss Sitefinity’s experience management capabilities and how they can be used to create highly personalized experiences.

  • Sitefinity 10 & Improved Performance

    The latest version of Sitefinity has seen significant performance improvements for both our customers and partners to deploy and scale their Sitefinity based website.

    Register for this on demand recorded  webinar -- you’ll hear from our engineering team who constantly conduct performance tests. They will show you how to gain valuable performance improvements using Sitefinity 10 including:

    • The importance of performance and how it impacts a Sitefinity built site
    • How Sitefinity performs under various load scenarios for KPIs such as CPU utilization, database performance and available memory, and website startup 
    • Best practices and considerations when choosing a setup

    Register for this on demand recording today!

  • Analyzing and Optimizing Customer Journeys

    Predictive analytics, recommendations based on online and offline customer activity are key to managing and personalizing the customer journeys.

    With Progress Sitefinity DEC you can orchestrate marketing success by tracking, analyzing and shaping every step of the customer journey from one single command center.

    Watch this free 30 minutes introduction and demonstration of Sitefinity DEC and experience how you too can manage customer journeys smart and cost effectively.

  • Five Tips to Get Sitefinity Smarter

    Predictive analytics, recommendations based on online and offline customer activity are key to managing and personalizing the customer journeys.

    With Progress Sitefinity DEC you can orchestrate marketing success by tracking, analyzing and shaping every step of the customer journey from one single command center.

    Watch this free 30 minutes introduction and demonstration of Sitefinity DEC and experience how you too can manage customer journeys smart and cost effectively.

    We’ve heard that many customers and partners have yet to fully utilize the power of Sitefinity. As a result, development teams are challenged, marketing teams desire more and customers don’t get a great experience. Our center of excellence, Sitefinity Professional Services is here to help.

    In a short 30-minute on demand presentation, hear from the experts who work with Sitefinity users – both for partners and with direct end users – who are constantly delivering an array of services from complex integration projects to custom development work.

    Watch this webinar to learn:

    • Five expert tips to help you get the most out of Sitefinity
    • Specific tips for partners and end users
    • Common requests and how the Sitefinity Professional Services team can help

    You’ll hear tips and tricks built on the expertise and delivery capability the Sitefinity services team has gained throughout the years, and more importantly, how you can use their expertise in your day-to-day use of Sitefinity.

  • How To Be A DevOps Rockstar with Progress Sitefinity 10

    Progress Sitefinity 10 is keenly focused on developer and IT productivity. With this release, you’re guaranteed to proactively run faster.

    Watch this webinar on demand and learn about Sitefinity features such as:

    • The new 3rd party and social authentication options

    • How to get those pages going with the new warmup tool

    • How to gain complete control over cache

    • How to use the diagnostic tools to identify your opportunities for optimisation

    • How to Import and export of content and structures

  • Customer Experience is the New Business Battleground

    Nearly two-thirds of customers value the ability to personalize and customize their brand experiences. What are you doing to serve these prospects?

    Today, organizations must create a unique, personalized digital experience from web to mobile—doing so may result in higher ROI, customer retention and profitability. If businesses want to craft these experiences, they need to embrace the digital technologies that enable them to do so.

    Watch this on demand webinar as Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director at the 451 Research; Rob Sanders, Senior Strategist & Business Analyst from; and Chris Doran, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Progress, as they discuss:

    • The four pronged approach to digital transformation and how it can impact customer experiences
    • The shift in digital operations necessitated by changes in customer communication expectations
    • The ways digital transformation is impacting different verticals and industries and how leaders in those areas are developing strategies to stay ahead
    • The role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in delivering contextually relevant experiences
    • Successful examples of digital experiences addressing business goals while solving user challenges

  • Webinar: Personalising the Customer Journey

    Website visitors are no longer inspired by off-the-shelf content. Without personalized customer experiences, you can easily find yourself at a competitive disadvantage as customers and prospects pass you by. To create compelling experiences that keep people coming back for more, marketers need the right tools. They need to be able to manage and deliver personalized content on any device, plus monitor and optimize the effectiveness of your personalization strategy at all times. 

    In this webinar we show you how to enable data-driven marketing and a winning personalization strategy through a web content management (WCM) platform, plus leverage the power of predictive analytics to more accurately predict and capitalize on customer behavior.

  • What's New in Progress Sitefinity 9.2

    Take a closer look at the new innovative features of Sitefinity 9.2

    In this webinar, we preview some of the new features of Progress® Sitefinity™ 9.2 and discuss how they help with experience optimization, development agility and DevOps efficiencies, without compromising functionality, quality or future growth.

    You’ll learn about:

    • Touchpoints Discovery
    • Page Template Revision History
    • Continuous Delivery Support
    • Website Diagnostics Framework
    • Add-Ons Framework
    • Site Starter Kits

    And, more! We also introduce Progress Digital Factory, our new cloud-based platform.

  • CMOs Talk Digital Transformation in Financial Services

    In the race to keep pace with clients’ evolving expectations, financial services organizations are focusing more closely on digitally transforming their operations to enable an omni-channel customer experience.

    Shelia Reed, CMO of Aspire Financial Services, and Melissa Puls, CMO of Progress, examine these challenges and how the industry is responding. They explore:

    • Digital transformation drivers
    • Defining a digital transformation strategy
    • Organizing the team to ensure success
    • Overcoming obstacles
    • Meeting 21st-century customer expectations
    • Engaging millennials
    • Measuring success
  • The Right CMS on the Right Platform. Sitefinity and Microsoft Azure: Better Together

    Content Management Systems are a necessity in today’s digitally driven business environment. Delivering relevant content and information to customers while measuring success is key to successful customer engagement for virtually every business in every vertical across the globe. Leveraging the Progress® Sitefinity™ platform is a great option for businesses of all sizes to expand their reach and engage customers with great content. Additionally, with Sitefinity you can leverage cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure to scale your content and provide unparalleled customer experiences.

    Watch this webinar to hear about today’s business challenges around delivering relevant content to your customers and measuring engagements through digital marketing. We cover the Sitefinity platform along with Microsoft Azure to show you how quickly you can get up and running with a Sitefinity solution in the cloud.

  • How to Avoid the Top Five Personalization Mistakes

    Everybody wants their customers to have a friendly, comprehensive, personalized experience. It’s a big part of your reputation. But in a digital world where 60% of all buying decisions are made before a vendor is even contacted, making the most of each interaction is even more important. And when your website is your digital storefront, personalized service gets even tougher. Frankly, a lot of businesses struggle to do it well.

    Fortunately the experts from Siili of Helsinki and the Progress® Sitefinity™ team are sharing their years of experience in what works, what doesn’t, and how to avoid fatal errors in personalization. Watch this webinar to learn:

    • The definition of personalization and why everyone wants to do it
    • Where should organizations be using personalization?
    • The common mistakes when adopting personalization
    • The “right” path to successful personalization, and why it matters
  • The Top 5 Challenges When Scaling A Digital Business

    Scaling a business used to be easy - more space, more people, more products.  The growth was linear and predictable. Scaling a digital business is not the same - it is hard, really hard.

    On the surface, digital business has no boundaries and constraints; it can grow by expanding its digital footprint across multiple websites, countries, languages, currencies and methods of support. Yet, digital growth poses unique growth challenges - scaling comes with hidden costs.

    Join Lora Kratchounova, Principal at Scratch Marketing + Media, and Robert Mattson, Director of Product Marketing at Progress, as they discuss the findings and implications of new industry-wide research focused on the challenges organizations face when scaling their digital properties.

    Key takeaways:

    • How organizations are best supporting multiple digital properties
    • What the biggest challenges are when scaling to multiple websites
    • The trials and tribulations of keeping your digital properties up to date after the implementation is all over
    • What the top benefits of a multi-site management platform are and why multisite management solutions are the key to seamless scaling.
  • Why Personalized Digital Marketing Hasn't Worked... Yet

    The concept is simple and elegant. Provide each potential customer, or existing client, with exactly what they want, think they want, or don’t know they want for each interaction. Who wouldn’t want that? It’s the recipe for sales, engagement and world product domination.

    But, it doesn’t work….well, not for most of us.

    Not because the concept is wrong, but simply because it’s so hard to implement, maintain and do right. Sure, if you’re an Amazon or Netflix you have personalization down, but what about the rest of us? Why can’t we find that magic combination of process, technology and, of course, data that will enable us to be the perfect butler to meet the needs of our clients, and help us have a great quarter at the same time?

    When it comes to personalization many organizations set their goals too high too soon. This urge to over reach causes them to miss the smaller goals they need to achieve before they can reach their end game. In this webcast you’ll learn the steps to reach success with personalization, and more importantly, the pitfalls to avoid. You’ll see what data is truly necessary for different examples of personalization and where it can be found. You’ll learn where to start, how to improve and when to add a new layer of sophistication to your strategy in order to get the optimal short-term and long-term results.

  • Making Predictive Analytics Practical: How Marketing Can Drive Engagement

    Nearly every marketer is coming to the realization that the future includes some combination of Big Data and predictive analytics. But how do you get there?  Having the data is one thing, but understanding it and making it work for you is something else completely. Join Rowan Curran, Business Technology Researcher at Forrester Research, and Robert Mattson, Director of Product Marketing at Telerik, as they discuss recent research and real-life examples on the state of marketing and predictive analytics. 

    You will learn:

    • How predictive analytics can drive more engaging personalized experiences
    • What tools companies are using to build better contextualization for their customers
    • The need for prescription in analytics
  • Rank Higher in Google Search Results with Telerik Sitefinity CMS

    After Google’s mobile search algorithm update on April 21, mobile-friendly sites will start ranking higher in mobile searches.

    At this live webinar, we will discuss the various requirements and recommendations for mobile-friendly websites. We will demonstrate the tools that Telerik Sitefinity CMS offers to help you accommodate them and rank higher in Google search results to drive more traffic to your web pages.

    You will learn:

    • How to use the built-in responsive design capabilities to build mobile-friendly sites
    • What tools does Sitefinity CMS offer to help you improve your website SEO ranking
    • How Google bots index your website, how they parse it to inspect mobile device support and what you have to pay special attention to when optimizing for mobile devices
    • And more
  • Introducing the First Enterprise MVC CMS

    If you could choose, would you go with mature or modern technology?

    Very often, the term “Enterprise Software” has been associated with heavy, clunky, old but powerful systems. The technologies you love are just not always applicable in enterprise systems, nd yet you can’t spend time developing enterprise features from scratch.

    With deep roots in the .NET and JavaScript community, we are passionate about the same technologies you are—we simply refuse to build enterprise software the old way. We would like to introduce you to Telerik® Sitefinity™ Platform 8.0–the first Content Management System (CMS) to meet the challenges of the modern developer and match them with a mature, globally scalable infrastructure. Join this webinar to learn:

    • How Sitefinity 8.0 addresses your challenges as a developer or an architect
    • How you can use the Sitefinity platform to build modern web experiences using ASP .NET MVC, AngularJS, Bootstrap or your technology of choice
    • How can you scale efficiently even if you had to build hundreds of integrated websites, applications and portals globally
  • Best Practices for Setup, Templating and Widget Creation within Sitefinity CMS

    So much focus goes into development planning and coding that often proper setup within the Sitefinity CMS is neglected. Following the recommended best practices can not only speed up time to market, but will also help you create more maintainable sites. 

    This technical session is part of a new series of webinars dedicated to Sitefinity best practices. The inaugural webinar session will focus on the early steps in a project after installation – Setup and Templating. We'll also review some best practices when creating widgets in Sitefinity CMS.

    You will learn how to:

    • Better manage Sitefinity references (bin folder)
    • What files to check in to source control
    • Keep the App_Data folder in sync when working with multiple developers
    • Properly setup Master Pages and Page Templates
    • Give content editors more control by using custom layout widgets
    • Work with widget templates
    • Implement Cache Substitution on a control and when it’s important
    • Appropriately use the ViewMap
    • Use Sitefinity Thunder
  • Microsoft SharePoint and Telerik Sitefinity: The Right Tool. The Right Job.

    Hammers and screwdrivers are both useful tools, but you don't want to use one when you should use another. The same goes for complementary solutions like Microsoft SharePoint and Telerik Sitefinity CMS. Every solution has strengths, and to be successful you have to align those strengths to the right projects. 

    During this webcast, you’ll hear from two experts about how Sharepoint and Sitefinity CMS can work together, and how .NET developers and non-technical people can get the most out of these solutions. Lino Tadros, President and CEO of Falafel Software, is a leading expert in both Sitefinity CMS and SharePoint, and Robert Mattson, Director of Sitefinity Product Marketing will discuss the pros and cons of using each solution. 

  • Build Content-Driven Mobile Apps

    How to Integrate Telerik Platform and Sitefinity CMS for Faster Mobile Development

    About the webinar:

    Mobile projects are booming, but there is simply too much work to do - over 200,000 sites need to be mobilized and over 10M mobile apps developed in the next 5 years alone. To move fast and be productive we need solutions that reuse services, content and infrastructure.

    This technical webinar will demonstrate how to build integrated solutions that scale across teams, portals and channels by enabling you to leverage existing content and mobile strategies.

    Learn how to:

    • Drive content management for any website, portal or app by integrating Telerik Sitefinity CMS with Telerik Platform
    • Accelerate app development using the Telerik UI tools and Cloud Services
    • Integrate content publishing for mobile experiences such as updates, push notifications and geo-specific content.


    • Svetla Yankova (@svetla_yankova), Senior Solutions Consultant, Telerik Sitefinity CMS
    • Gabe Sumner (@gabesumner), Product Marketing Manager, Telerik Platform

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