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Digital Asset Management to Harness the Power of Rich Media Assets

Gain control of your CMS media library with metadata strategies for easy search and retrieval of digital assets. Reuse rich media content to lower re-creation costs and maintain brand consistency.

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Live Document Editing

Need to change content on the fly but don’t want to waste time downloading files from the backend, editing, and then re-uploading to the Media Library? Sitefinity Desktop Application empowers Content Authors with a live document editing tool to make edits to Microsoft Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, plain text or RTF files – all within the Sitefinity Media Library. You never have to launch Office or third party editing applications. You save time in the editing process and the change history is tracked with complete version control within the CMS.

Desktop Image Editor

Content Authors want to reuse digital assets without being forced to access specialized image-editing software. Sitefinity Desktop Application provides a desktop image editor that enables business users to conduct basic image manipulation like resize, rotate, flip horizontal/vertical, crop, and insert text. Without Photoshop, the user can also adjust hue, saturation, contrast, sharpen, blur – and even insert colors. Sitefinity enables the reuse of digital assets without incurring extra design costs while saving time and production bottlenecks.

Thumbnail Generator

You no longer have the tedious task of managing multiple sizes of the same image. Business users have a flexible thumbnail generator within the WCM image library. You can upload a single image and specify the multiple variations in which you want that image to be used – without uploading multiple image files. With this feature, Progress® Sitefinity™ optimizes your storage of digital assets for faster performance and better scalability.

Drag & Drop Digital Asset Libraries

Sitefinity Desktop Application empowers nontechnical business users to manage digital asset libraries without the distractions of the backend. Users can drag entire folders of rich media content directly into Sitefinity Media Libraries. Images, graphics, text files, video and audio can all be tagged with metadata and custom fields to improve search and accessibility of digital assets.

Web Publishing Without a Browser

Not all Content Authors are power users who want to be – or should be in the backend. They simply need to generate News, Events and Blogs without wading through the backend to submit their work. Sitefinity Desktop Application offers a publishing tool for content generation on the fly – generate, edit and publish without logging into the backend or opening a third party application. Content Authors now can save time generating content without the distraction of learning the backend. Web Administrators gain greater control over who really needs to be in the backend.

Custom Taxonomies & Filters

Have more control over your content architecture and make the online experience more significant to your visitors.  Create custom taxonomies, down to the content item level, and apply filters so that only content pertinent to the section of the webpage is displayed. 

Preview Video & Audio Files

Your site visitors expect access to an increasing number of digital assets like video and audio. To respond to this demand, business users need to search through vast libraries of digital assets and link them to content. With Sitefinity Desktop Application you can search for assets tagged with custom fields, preview video or audio files and then publish to your site.

Publish Word Docs as PDF Files

The Sitefinity Desktop Application allows you to upload a Word document and convert it to a PDF from within the CMS.  Eliminating the need to do the work outside the CMS and then upload, save, and publish documents to your website.

SVG Image Support

Content Marketers can easily use SVG images to deliver an optimal visitor experience across mobile devices without technical assistance or security concerns. Sitefinity provides out-of-the-box protection against malicious scripts that can be ended in SVG images.



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