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Digital Experience Cloud

A Single Marketing Command Center to Drive Business Growth

"The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud provides marketers with a digital command center that takes the guesswork out of their job."
Tim Ahlenius, Director of Experience Marketing

The New Marketing Era

Today’s Digital Marketers are more directly accountable for business results than ever before, and yet with data more dispersed and complex, connecting marketing strategy to bottom-line results has been considered science fiction—until now.

The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud is the unified marketing command center that enables marketers to drive growth by understanding, and optimizing every customer’s journey.

The New Marketing Era

Customer Journey Database

The Customer Journey Database builds a 360-degree view of each customer, complete with every touch point, from anonymous behavior to long-term customer relationships. The database integrates data from CRM, WCM, marketing automation and other systems that store client demographic and interaction data, to track every online and offline interaction.

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Data Integration

Customer Journey Analysis

The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud measures exactly how your marketing efforts are contributing to goals such as revenue or growing your sales pipeline.  The analytics engine provides a unified view of goal status, while the embedded marketing attribution reports tell you exactly where you’re hitting a home run and where you’re striking out. Aligning this information with lead scoring and persona profiling fuels automation and data-driven decision making.

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Conversion Tracking

Customer Journey Optimization

Algorithms that enable you to make sense of the customer journey can give you the power to find potential customers and missed revenue opportunities—the low-hanging fruit. The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud applies machine learning to provide step-by-step recommendations on where the next big campaign or optimization lies. The system will tell you who to target, suggest existing assets to use, and predict the improvements you can expect and measure the results. 

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Customer Journey Personalization

Connecting an insight to an automated process like personalization helps you make the most of each opportunity that Big Data may uncover. The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud enables you to find hidden marketing potential through predictive analytics, but it also enables you to act upon this insight through personalized experiences that take each visitor to his or her individual “Best Next Experience” determined to increase their conversion potential.

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Personalization by Persona

Security and Compliance

Choosing a trustworthy technology partner to power your digital properties and protect your customer data is not an easy decision. Hence, it is important that organizations look for vendors that follow security best practices, comply with industry standards and have robust internal controls in place to ensure security, availability and confidentiality for the software and services they provide. At Progress, security and data privacy is an integral part of everything we do and we focus these Sitefinity platform investments in four areas: security by design, cloud operations security, customer data protection and standards compliance (e.g. SOC 2).

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