Sitefinity Editions

Professional Edition
Web Content Management Solution for Sites and Portals
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Online Marketing Edition
Experience Personalization and Optimization Solution for Lead Generation
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Enterprise Edition
Web Content and Experience Management Solution for Digital Operations at Scale
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Content Management
Web content management system for delivering personalized customer experiences across sites and devices
1 Production Domain or Server 1 Production Domain 1 Production Domain or Server
Concurrent Users ?Concurrent users are users authorized to access the Sitefinity CMS administration and logged in at the same time (e.g. content editors,administrators). There is no limit to the number of non-CMS website users logged in at the same time. 10 15 Unlimited
Web Content Management ?Enterprise-grade web content and digital asset management capabilities – including online forms, multisite management, mobile and multilingual support, approval workflow and email campaigns. Yes Yes Yes
Ecommerce ?Increase sales with an outstanding online shopping experience. Create an engaging product catalog with flexible storefront, pricing, discounts, promotions, taxes, shipping, inventory management, and more. Yes Yes Yes
Developer Productivity Tools ?Increase your developer productivity and build amazing user experiences with the most complete toolset for ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript and Angular development – Kendo UI and UI for ASP.NET AJAX. Yes Yes Yes
Connectors for 3rd-Party Systems ?Deliver an omni-channel experience and generate more leads by easily integrating your website with marketing automation, CRM and other systems using out-of-the-box connectors for Salesforce, Marketo, SharePoint and more. Marketing and CRM All Connectors
Content Personalization ?Deliver personalized experiences across sites and devices to increase conversion rates and generate more leads. Yes Yes
Site Sync Between Environments ?Site Sync enables organizations to first publish content on a staging environment and then to easily promote the changes to the production environment in a secure and controlled way. Yes
Translations Management ?Translate your web content faster, at lower cost and with less effort with out-of-the-box integration with and Lionbridge. Instantly export/import any content for localization using the industry-standard XLIFF file format. Manage all your translation projects from a central place. Yes
System Audit Trail ?Ensure high system security with transparency and accountability of all user access and activity. Yes
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Experience Management
Customer journey analysis, personalization and conversion optimization capabilities powered by the Digital Experience Cloud
100k Contact Profiles Included 100k Contact Profiles Included
Audience Management ?Get a single customer view by tracking and analyzing the end-to-end customer journey. The system automatically segments your audience based on behavior patterns and potential conversion rates to identify your best target segments. Use any behavior or demographic attribute to further refine your segments. Yes Yes
Experience Personalization ?Deliver personalized experiences to anonymous and known users across sites and devices. Measure the effect of your personalization campaigns on conversions. Easily personalize all your digital properties by persona, lead score and other attributes considering all contextual information about the user. Yes Yes
Experience Optimization ?Optimize the customer journey to conversion and generate more leads. Automatically discover important micro moments (touchpoints) along the journey, see attribution reports to determine content ROI and act on data-driven recommendations to achieve your marketing goals, faster. Yes Yes
Connectors for 3rd Party Data Sources ?Build a 360-degree customer profile by easily collecting data from multiple systems into a single customer journey datacenter using a comprehensive integration framework. We offer a growing of connectors powered by industry-leading Progress DataDirect technology. Add-on Add-on
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