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Enterprise Deployment 

Build, Deploy and Scale Enterprise Websites

Multisite Management

Launch new websites quickly and reduce the time it takes to maintain, upgrade and deploy new functionality across all sites, thanks to a single code base. Reduce hosting infrastructure and costs, managing multiple websites efficiently from a single place, while easily sharing templates, content, users and settings across sites.

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Multilingual Support

Grow your business in new markets and connect with your customers in their native language. Localize your website content and digital assets in multiple languages, such as Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi and Arabic. Enable your global marketing team to manage translations and all language versions of pages, content items and digital assets from a central place. Editors can also leverage the option to upload multilingual versions of images, videos, documents and files with full control on how they appear on localized sites.

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Site Synchronization

Increase the productivity of your web team by enabling them to automatically deploy website changes among development, staging and production environments. Enable your marketing team to publish templates and content to multiple websites hosted in different locations around the world.

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Site Synchronization

Deployment Options

You can host and manage your websites on Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2 or even on premise in virtual or physical servers. We’re flexible. 

Deploy on Azure

Deploy on Amazon


Continuous Delivery

To support changing business requirements, you need to be able to quickly deploy new functionality and apply updates in an efficient and automated way. Improved support for continuous delivery means deploying new website functionality is quicker and can be accomplished with minimum effort.

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Control user access to website content and functionality within Sitefinity™ CMS on a granular level. Monitor user activity with a system audit trail, ensuring accountability and transparency. Integrate with your Microsoft Active Directory, and implement single sign-on (SSO) between applications using claims-based authentication. Build highly secure websites supporting the latest best practices and security standards such as Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). Security and compliance (e.g. SOC 2) are at the core of how we design and build the Sitefinity platform.

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Build complex multisite solutions, and enable your marketing team to manage hundreds of websites, any number of languages, tens of thousands of pages and hundreds of thousands of content items, all from a central system. Grow your user base and website traffic on a platform that scales to run on dozens of servers in a load-balanced environment, without compromising on performance or requiring additional licensing fees.


Site Shield

Developing a website that only the chosen should see before a big bang launch? No problem, activate Sitefinity Site Shield and you are covered. Website Managers can easily invite stakeholders to the secured site and monitor when they access the site and from what devices. No need for stakeholders to be CMS users. Great for product managers and web agencies that need to secure approval from end clients and legal teams.

This feature is only available for Sitefinity licenses that have Multisite Management capability.


Digital Commerce

Product Catalogs, Multiple Storefronts, Targeted Offers, Payment Processing, Order Management

System Integrations

Integration Platform, Connector for Salesforce, Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Connector for Marketo, Connector for SharePoint

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