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Manage Organizational Knowledge

Use the power of Sitefinity’s Module Builder to define as many content types as needed to capture, publish, and manage your organizational knowledge. From articles and processes, to guidelines and policy handbooks, you can create an intranet portal for your organization’s information. Classify articles according to department using categories and tags, and secure sensitive content with approval workflows and granular permissions. Further, you will have full control over your content’s appearance with easy to use drag & drop content blocks and widgets.

Intranet Site Features - Organizational Knowledge

Create a Social Hub and Engage Employees

Make internal announcements on your intranet for everyone to see. Empower employees to share their experience and knowledge via personal or team blogs. Publish blog posts and news articles via email. Migrate from private email strings to team discussion boards to add efficiency and transparency to your decision making. Enable all employees to monitor social media conversations straight from your Intranet Social Hub. Keep everyone in the loop with RSS feeds and internal newsletters.

Intranet Site Features - Create a Social Hub

Create Events and Calendars

Use the Sitefinity Events Module to provide details for upcoming, current, and even past company events. Store and organize event pictures in image libraries and share them on the intranet using the Image Gallery widget. We ship Sitefinity with the industry-best Telerik RadScheduler widget that allows you to keep everyone on the same schedule with shared calendars that also integrate with Microsoft Exchange Server.

CMS Intranet - Create Events and Calendars

Build Custom Line of Business Applications

As an online business platform, Sitefinity offers a solid infrastructure and powerful developer tools to help you craft custom applications to meet your specific needs. Create the data model for your app in minutes with Sitefinity’s Module Builder which supports hierarchical data types and creates an API, RESTful services, and data management UI for you. Sitefinity’s native support for ASP.NET MVC and Razor are further enhanced by the Telerik toolset. These allow developers to deliver rich custom functionality according to your specific requirements, with great ROI and end user adoption.

Intranet Portal - Business Applications

Search Content and Documents

Sitefinity comes with a powerful built-in search feature that allows you to index and search all intranet pages, content items, and documents. Based on the potent search engine, Sitefinity search can be easily extended to meet your specific requirements, such us searching indexed content from third-party systems.

CMS Intranet features - search content

Integrate with Your Active Directory

Sitefinity integrates with your existing Active Directory (AD) following a simple configuration through an LDAP provider. All your AD users and organizational units will become available in Sitefinity, and you can simply assign them permissions and even additional roles. Sitefinity also supports Windows authentication to automatically validate users on your Intranet, so they don’t have to manually enter any credentials.

Intranet Portal - Active Directory Integration


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