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Microsoft Azure


Sitefinity is fully compatible with Microsoft Azure. The CMS uses the whole spectrum of its capabilities to bring the smoothest experience for developers and IT administrators. Over 1500 public Sitefinity websites on Azure are taking advantage of built-in integrations with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) in Azure, Azure Search and Azure Redis Cache.
The deployment in the cloud has never been easier, only with a few clicks and the projects are ready to go. The usage of the cloud platform avoids the complexity of the on-premise setup and improves work productivity.



Sitefinity and Azure enable your business to scale computing power and handle low and high visitors traffic. With horizontal and vertical scaling, high availability is guaranteed. The management tools in the Azure portal and the autoscaling efficiency make the resource orchestration a powerful helper through every release cycle.


Continuous Delivery and Integration

Sitefinity fully supports Azure Continuous Delivery pipeline. Once a connection to the code repository is established, the platform is taking care for all environmental setup and settings. The automated process creates test and staging environments and promotes the website project through them.


Cost Effectiveness

The scaling out and up options and the little to none IT interactions make the budget estimates much more accurate and predictive.


Low level support

For the fans of the command line, Sitefinity comes with a bundle of powershell scripts that automates the execution of all deployment scenarios.


The deployment and management of Sitefinity Apps on Azure is fast and reliable.

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