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Multisite Management

Manage Multiple Sites Effectively

Centrally manage multiple websites and microsites from one place with Sitefinity CMS. Your entire team gets a single interface to manage all your sites, offering a convenient way to pivot between them to manage content. You can share assets across all sites and use them as a basis to quickly launch new sites and pages without the hassle of establishing new projects and copying resources. Granular permissions authorize who can access what, so you maintain complete control of it all.

Manage multiple sites with Sitefinity CMS

Share Content, Users, Templates and Settings

With Sitefinity Multisite Management you can share content across sites with a single click to publish corporate news, events and product listings on any satellite website. Reusing content, templates, themes and settings will significantly improve both employee productivity and the consistency of your messages across website properties.

Share content, templates and settings across multiple websites

Launch New Sites Quickly

By centrally managing all your websites, you can launch new pages or sites by simply cloning and modifying existing resources. No more starting from scratch! You can reuse all of the content, templates and themes available on any of your sites as a starting point to get the job done faster.

Big Savings from Hosting Fees

Sitefinity Multisite Management is set-up in a multitenant environment which means that all websites are part of the same installation. This allows for far better utilization of hardware resources compared to multiple instances of a single website. The result: significant cost savings from hosting fees.

Save from hosting fees for multiple sites

One Upgrade for All Sites

Facilitate maintenance and upgrades with Sitefinity Multisite Management’s multitenant environment. Since all websites are part of the same installation, you have only one code base to maintain and upgrade for all your websites.

One upgrade for multiple sites

Ultimate SEO

Under a multisite instance, Sitefinity allows you set-up the domain structure of regional websites under the one domain umbrella. This means the SEO rank of all sites tallies in the same place. For example, you can set up instead of so you can accumulate and share all available link value under one domain for all websites.


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