PDR Group Ltd


At PDR Group they look to create visually pleasing sites that are more than just a website for a company but a business tool that is an asset. They look to create a website that suits customers' needs and integrate into customers' existing systems. There are a lot of aspects to a web site, but most of all you need to be proud of it and that is the goal PDR Group aims for.

PDR Group is based in Auckland, New Zealand and has been going since 2005. The company has skills with multi-lingual sites, specialises in integrating with back-end systems when available, they don’t reinvent the wheel, they plan and design to ensure their customers' system is maintainable both now and in the future.


  • New Zealand
    • Auckland


  • 3rd Party Systems Integration
  • Ecommerce
  • Email Marketing Implementation
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO & Marketing
  • Industry
  • Country
    New Zealand
  • Industry
  • Country
    New Zealand