Piramide Group


Founded in 1987, the Piramide Group offers IT solutions for the following:

  • Communities/ Interest groups (unions, associations and other advocacies).
  • Construction sector (enterprise resource planning for contractors and developers).
  • Financial institutions (industry/occupational pension funds, mutual funds and asset management, insurance companies and banks).
  • Educational institutions (e-learning).

Piramide Group’s services include:
  • Project management, implementation, training and maintenance.
  • Customization for needs that cannot be met by ready-made software. The Piramide Group provides a seamless solution that meets the specific needs required by applications, operating systems, portals and websites in .NET techniques.
  • Testing, inspection, certification and customer relationship management for medium to large organizations, including internationals.
  • Hardware, networking, systems management, hosting and computer disaster recovery.
  • Software as a service for customers who want a quick start rather than to spend on purchasing various components with scalable implementation costs.


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