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Combine On-Premise Security With Cloud Scalability 

Connect multiple devices and systems through cloud services and utilize a scalable computing and storage infrastructure

Securely Expose Data Through Cloud Services

Don’t be limited by an “all or nothing” cloud solution. The Telerik Backend Services connector enables you to expose data from Sitefinity and connected systems in a selectively manner, while keeping the rest safely behind your firewall. Sitefinity controls what gets synced, then permissions on the Telerik Backend Services side control who can access it. This hybrid cloud solution is great for granting access to sensitive intranet data to employees on the go.



Faster and More Scalable Mobile Apps

Your mobile apps need to be fast if they’re going to be effective. Telerik Backend Services uses a non-relational database built for speed and scalability to maximize mobile app performance. RESTful web services result in less traffic and lightning fast mobile apps. With effortless –and automatic--syncing with your Sitefinity website, you can simply “fire and forget.”



Quick and Secure Development

Consume your cloud data in a wide range of mobile, desktop or web apps using SDKs for .NET 4.0/4.5. Fully-fledged REST services with powerful querying and filtering, along with documentation and development tools, make for secure, fast, and efficient development.




Scale Globally with Windows Azure

Focus your resources on business innovation and leave the infrastructure overhead to the cloud. Leveraging a highly scalable cloud infrastructure helps you improve the global performance of your website and lower the upfront investment while optimizing your monthly infrastructure costs by paying for actual usage.  


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