Integrate Your CMS with CRM, Marketing Analytics, & Web Analytics Platforms:
Supercharge Your Conversion Rates

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  • Web Analytics
  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation

Eliminate Data Silos to Understand Customer Intent

Businesses don’t take advantage of the massive volume of customer data they collect. So they miss opportunities with customers because their data sources are used in isolation.

Data held in Marketing Automation and CRM systems tell us what sites buyers are visiting, where they are in the buying process, and even what they might do next. What’s missing is the way we synthesize this data to personalize the customer experience on the fly.

Your CMS platform is the linchpin that brings the data together.


Salesforce Integration:
CRM is Where Most of the Customer Data Lives

  • CMS
  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Web Analytics

Share Customer Information and Preferences Between CRM and CMS to Deliver a Relevant Customer Experience

CRM systems play a critical role in collecting and mining data about buyers. But stand-alone CRM solutions don’t factor in how online visitors interact with websites. By integrating CMS and CRM platforms, you can track shifts in customer behavior and apply useful insights into your database. By merging web form data with data from other touch points, you can segment your market and target further outreach.

CRM Trends:


boost in sales for businesses that fully utilize their CRM system.


Marketo Integration:
Marketing Automation Drives the Engagement 

Combine Engagement Insights from CMS and Marketing Automation to Deliver a Winning Customer Experience

Historically, the reach of Marketing Automation tools ended at the campaign landing page with no way to track customer interaction with the online experience. By aligning your CMS with Marketing Automation, form data and online clicking behaviors help score leads more effectively for automated events that nurture leads and personalize the online experience.

Marketing Automation Trends:


higher conversion rate from marketing response to qualified lead when using marketing automation


Google Analytics Integration:
Web Analytics Gives Insights for Traffic Sources and Conversion Paths

CMS + Web Analytics

As anonymous visitors arrive at your website, web analytics show the path they took to arrive – whether through a key word search or from a blog post, online ad, social media recommendation, email campaign or some other trigger. When web analytics are combined with a CMS, you can modify your website to improve customer engagement by collecting statistics on actual user behavior. You can measure which refinements drive results.

Web Analytics Trends:


of the 10,000 most popular websites use Google for online analytics


Sitefinity CMS:
Bringing It All Together

Supercharge Your Conversion Rates with Sitefinity CMS

Your CMS platform is a bridge across the data chasm. It spans the divide between the functional data silos of your CRM, Marketing Automation and Web Analytics tools. With tightly integrated connectors, all online visitor behavior and activity is tracked and leveraged to deliver personalized experiences that engage each visitor with relevant content and nurture leads throughout the buying cycle.