Sitefinity 6.0 Roadmap

The Sitefinity 6.0 release planned for April 2013 is the result of several ongoing projects coming together. The release provides a balance between constant improvement and deepening of the already market-leading mobile story.

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Mobile App Builder

Mobile App Builder is the newest addition to the Module Builder, which allows you to automatically build HTML 5 mobile applications based on the dynamic modules, taking advantages of the actual mobile devices and its features. Just as with Module Builder, developers are able to enhance and extend the mobile apps built with Mobile App Builder.

Mobile App Builder

Connector for SharePoint

Sitefinity will provide full connectivity to SharePoint in three different modes: connecting directly to SharePoint and working with SharePoint data store, one time import of SharePoint data, and finally the full sync between SharePoint and Sitefinity. With the Mobile App Builder and Hybrid Cloud support, customers are able to effortlessly take SharePoint data to the cloud and /or surface it on mobile devices via mobile apps or Responsive Design.

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SharePoint connector

Hybrid Cloud Support

Sitefinity will allow you to decide whether you want to store the data of dynamic modules on-premise, in the cloud, or have them in both places and synced. This allows you to benefit from the security of the on-premise infrastructure for some assets, while taking advantage of the scalability of the cloud for others. Of course all data can be exposed to mobile apps through Sitefinity's Mobile App Builder.

Hybrid Cloud support

Canonical URL Service

With the canonical URL service, Sitefinity will have the ability to know the exact URL of each data/content item depending on the pages on which it appears. This service will solve some long time issues--related to search indexing, RSS feeds, workflow notifications, previewing of the content, and content linking--as well as open doors to very powerful SEO optimizations.

Canonical URL service

Hierarchical Libraries

The Libraries Module will now be able to support organizing your images, documents and videos in hierarchical fashion.

Hierarchical libraries

File Upload: Move from Silverlight to HTML5

The current component for uploading files in Sitefinity is based on Silverlight, but will be replaced with a new HTML5 based file upload control.

HTML5 upload

SiteSync – Support for Syncing Dynamic Modules

SiteSync will now be able to support syncing of dynamic modules and their data. This means that you will be able to create a module on one instance and then sync its definition, together with the data, to another instance of Sitefinity.

Responsive Design: Hiding Layout Elements

In the newest iteration of Responsive Design, we will add the ability to completely hide certain layout elements for specific devices.

Events Module: Reloaded

The Sitefinity Events module will go through significant improvements. Support for multiple calendars as well as recurrence will be added. New schedule widget will be added as well as the ability to add events to personal calendars such as Exchange, Google Calendar, and iCal.

Ecommerce: Even Better

The Ecommerce Module will go through a thorough review and will deliver on some of the more fundamental requests, such as multilingual support for dynamic fields and ensuring that the various geographical and extensibility scenarios are fully supported.


The licensing model for the existing features remains the same and the Hybrid Cloud support will be part of all editions with fair usage policy until the pricing for storage and bandwidth is announced. The Mobile App builder will be licensed under the current Mobile add-on and the price will remain unchanged. The Connector for SharePoint will be licensed as a separate product that will require Professional edition or higher.