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Addressing your WCM requirements for mobile, data, cloud and interoperability

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Mobile for today and the futureMobile strategy for today and tomorrow

Mobile has revolutionized the way people interact with the world, including how your customers interact with your brand and how your employees access work-related information. It’s undoubtedly the fastest-growing engagement and information consumption channel which also brings in new factors such as location and device sensors and data. This creates new opportunities for businesses but it also comes with the expectation of truly personal experiences while consumer usability has become paramount.

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Data analytics for informed business decisions

There’s been a growing demand from the business for better data with which to support fact-based decisions that lead to better business outcomes. Advances in technology are creating new types of information from external sources. When properly aggregated and analyzed, this information, being referred to with the populist term “big data”, can provide a significant competitive advantage by enabling informed business decisions, measurable outcomes and improved loyalty through truly personal customer experiences.

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Integration with business systems

Web Content Management (WCM) Platforms are typically deployed as part of a larger ecosystem of adjacent technologies such as CRM, Digital Asset Management (DAM), Marketing Automation, Cloud-Based Services, Web Analytics and others. To drive an organizational impact it’s essential for WCM solutions to provide smooth interoperability with other technologies and content sources without the traditional need for long software development cycles.

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Accelerating delivery and performance in the Cloud

The cloud is the globally available carrier ecosystem for a wide variety of structured and unstructured data forms. The data can be gathered through cloud services, from mobile endpoints or existing on-premise business systems and information can be derived, transformed and delivered from and to multiple systems and devices. Besides global data connectivity, the cloud also provides a scalable computing and storage infrastructure which provides cost-efficient utilization of resources.

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Usability to enhance business efficiency

The increasing popularity of consumer devices and applications results in a growing demand from business users for applications in the work place that work as well as the consumer tools they use at home. In addition, their requirements are growing exponentially as consumerization makes users more demanding about specific features and ideas they deem as important enablers for their success. In many cases IT leaders face the choice of providing such applications or risking business users buying and deploying their own technologies that IT may not even know about.

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Addressing business change with platform improvements

In an environment where business requirements are a moving target, a good platform needs to provide the architecture and tools that enable the technical agility to address constant change. Selecting a WCM solution that empowers your technical teams to constantly adapt to new business requirements is an essential enabler for improved business outcomes.

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