The Sitefinity Vision

Progress Sitefinity strives to be a partner in success for businesses who are dedicated to delivering an excellent customer experience across every digital channel. Sitefinity provides a flexible and predictive customer experience management platform that combines web content management and advanced customer analytics to empower marketers to create relevant customer engagement across channels and devices. Our vision is driven by strong market forces which are completely transforming the way businesses and their customers interact with each other.

Market Forces that Shape Our Vision

Abundant Information has Put Customers in Control

Abundant information has put customers in control of the exploration and evaluation process. Customers are largely bypassing marketing and sales, limiting their ability to influence the customer journey.

Relevant Experience Across Digital Channels is Expected

Customers engage with brands over multiple channels – through websites, email, social media and personal conversations. They expect relevancy which is personal to them and continuity of the brand experience across channels.

Big Data Presents Marketing with Challenges

The information about customer engagements across channels is stored in different systems and formats which makes it hard for marketing to understand which results in a struggle optimize the customer journey.

Customer Engagement Must Take a Holistic Cross-Channel Approach

Predicting and influencing marketing results is increasingly difficult in this cross-channel digital world. Most organizations have a siloed approach to customer engagement, often looking at each channel individually and missing the bigger picture.

Translating Big Data Into Marketing Insights is a True Art

Marketing teams have a lot of data but very little insight into the customer journey and how to engage customers more effectively. The large amounts of data need to be translated into actionable insights in order to produce added business value.

Enjoyable User Experience and Contextual Help are a Must

Marketers expect to be empowered by technology to be agile and get their job done independently. To meet their requirements business systems need to provide the same level of usability as consumer applications and contextualize information to help users make informed decisions.

System and Data Integration can Make or Break Your Success

Most technology solutions today are part of a larger ecosystem. A high level of interoperability with adjacent technologies such as CRM, Marketing Automation, Web and Social Analytics, Digital Asset Management is essential for the successful solution of business problems.... Read more

Addressing the Business Requirements of Tomorrow Should be on Your Mind Today

As new technologies emerge they bring new opportunities for optimizing the way our businesses operate. We do not know the business requirements of tomorrow, but we must be mindful of them as we make technology decisions today.... Read more

The Digital Experience Cloud analyzes and prioritizes steps to optimize the customer journey and the Customer Experience Platform delivers the best next experience in real time on any device.

Long Term Product Development Vision

The long term evolution of Sitefinity is based on a few fundamental pillars which enable businesses to embrace the key forces that are transforming the way brands interact with their customers.

Pillars of the Sitefinity Vision

Cross-Channel Customer Experience Delivery

Our vision is that content should be sourced from a central repository or from connected adjacent systems and then dynamically transformed and ready for an optimal experience on any channel and device. Then dynamic real-time personalization matches the most relevant content to every individual person based on advanced customer analytics. Cross-channel continuity is essential for an optimized customer journey and increasingly expected by your clients.

It is our commitment to continuously enhance the customer experience management capabilities for web, mobile, email and social channels and add more automation and relevant context to the process.

Advanced Customer Analytics

A meaningful conversation can only happen if you understand the other party and react in a way which is interesting and relevant to them. That is why we’re dedicated to delivering and constantly polishing an Advanced Customer Analytics solution with the Digital Experience Cloud. It enables businesses to really understand every individual person they interact with and deliver a meaningful and relevant engagement with continuity on any channel or device they chose.

Our vision is to provide a central location where all customer engagement data is centralized in one format so it’s easy to analyze and derive meaningful insights. This is the foundation which opens the door... Read more

Enjoyable User Experience and the Power of Context

The advancements in consumer applications have led business users to expect a user experience at work which is similar to the one they enjoy with consumer applications at home. There are no exceptions here and a poor user experience is guaranteed to result in lower adoption and a resulting lower ROI of business applications. We’re seeing rapidly growing amounts of all kinds of information but to translate it into business value we need to contextualize this information in key areas of the work process to empower users to make informed decisions at every step.

Delivering an amazing user experience has always been a key priority for Sitefinity. ... Read more


System and Data Integration

Organizations today use many systems of record and multiple systems for customer engagement. In order to increase the effectiveness of digital strategies all systems which are part of the larger ecosystem need to have a high degree of integration with adjacent technologies. Web Content and Experience Management solutions need to provide a tight integration with specialized and widely recognized CRM, specialized Marketing Automation, Advanced Customer Analytics, Digital Asset Management, Multichannel Campaign Management and other solutions. Most organizations have bespoke custom solutions which need to be integrated with the overall digital strategy. A flexible data integration framework and tooling is essential for the effectiveness and success of digital strategies today.

It is our commitment to continue the quest of adding more connectors for widely recognized and specialized... Read more

Scalable Global Solution

In our increasingly global world people working in different departments and often in different cultures and geographies need to be able to effectively collaborate in order to drive business growth. Global organizations need solutions which have a multilingual toolset that enables them to speak to all of their customers across the globe in different languages but with one voice. The deployment and scalability requirements often include supporting multiple environments with the ability to sync code and content between instances and managing multiple websites from a central location.

An essential part of our vision is to deliver a truly global and scalable solution which spans brands, organizations and languages. We are committed to continuous enhancement in our cloud support, global scalability and performance and the multilingual and multisite management capabilities of Sitefinity.

Development Platform

There are a lot of emerging technologies that create new opportunities for optimizing digital strategies and engaging with customers more effectively. As a result, business requirements constantly change in an effort to integrate the best and newest technology on the market into our existing systems and processes. For development teams it’s equally important to have confidence in the ability to address the requirements of tomorrow as it is to address the needs of today.

We at Telerik come from a strong developer tools and productivity background. It has been and will continue to be our focus and commitment to deliver the best and newest technologies which enable development teams to rapidly deliver, enhance and integrate applications.

DISCLAIMER: We operate in a dynamic environment, and things are subject to change. The information provided on these and related pages is intended to outline the general Telerik product direction. It is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon when making any purchasing decision. We may decide to add new features at any time depending on our capability to deliver products meeting Telerik quality standards. The development, releases and timing of any features or functionality described for Telerik products remains at the sole discretion of Telerik. These roadmaps do not represent a commitment, obligation or promise to deliver any products to the customer at any time.