Persona Profiling

You describe your target buyers, Sitefinity finds them

Persona Profiling provides a complete toolset for managing target personas and persona scoring. The solution allows you to target key visitors through personalization and get reporting on how different audiences interact with your website.

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Included in the Online Marketing and Enterprise Edition. Activated per request

Content Targeting

Personalization just got a lot more personal

Targeting by persona enables you to gear your content marketing team with a way to target different buyers with different messages. Let the persona engine qualify your audience and just focus on delivering relevant messages, one visitor at a time. The persona profiles directly integrate with Sitefinity Personalization and you can create segments based on the persona profiles that your users belong to. 

Included in the Online Marketing and Enterprise Edition. Activated per request


A Brand New Profile

Capture customer insights across channels

Sitefinity can now resurface data and insights captured across channels and provide your sales team with the right information to engage with the lead and close the deal. In the new  profile you will find every information that the customer has provided and see how closely they match any of your persona profiles. 

Included in the Online Marketing and Enterprise Edition. Activated per request


Project Feather: Develop Awesome Experiences Your Way

Modern, intuitive, convention based, mobile-first UI for Sitefinity

  • New MVC Widgets
    Content Block, News and Navigation widgets fully re-envisioned in MVC
  • MVC Designers
    MVC and AngularJS Designer framework packaged with pre-build selectors
  • UI Packages and Theme Framework
    The best way to start a new project

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Performance Diagnostics Tool

Detect and Resolve Performance Problems With ease

  • Performance  Reporting

    The module reports on the slowest parts of the system via a simple user interface

  • Custom Code Analysis

    The module can detect various problems both in Sitefinity and in custom code.

Beta: Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud

Integrated cloud based solution to analyze and optimize customer experiences across channels

  • Customer Journey Database
    Track any interaction from any channel
  • Dynamic Segmentation
    Predict the attainment of your goals for different segments
  • Customer Journey Optimizer
    Get insights on the "Best Next Action" for your customers
  • Campaign Tracker
    Act on insights and track your impact on business goals

Digital Experience Cloud will be available to the public early 2015

Private Beta Available Now

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Connector For Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud

Start getting customer insights right now

Start combining and analyzing data from all your Sitefinity websites. The Connector automatically collects data from visits of pages or personalized pages, interactions with content, documents, videos, forums and more. All these interactions can be used by our algorithms or attributed to your persona scores. Any 3rd party system can be integrated through a set of comprehensive APIs


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