Version notes

Sitefinity 4.1 SP2 - June 20, 2011

What is new?
  • Support for multiple instances on Azure - Documentation
  • Official support of Newsletter module
  • Official support for MySQL and Oracle
  • Localization of page templates – the user has an option to create different page templates for each of his languages
  • Localization of widgets - when editing a widget, the user now has an option to apply the changes to all translations or only to the translation in the current language
  • Over 6 fold reduction in the loading time for backend grids of the system
  • Page Base class for Sitefinity pages- Public


What is fixed?


  • “Back to revision history” button takes you back to pages list
  • Parent page containing child pages can be deleted from Actions > Title & Properties > More actions > Delete- Public
  • Robots noindex meta tag is inserted regardless of page settings- Public
  • The CSS rules for the built-in layouts are sometimes missing in the frontend even if they are required - Public
  • Navigation with all siblings under current open page doesn’t work
  • HTML included in the <head> tag (except title, keywords, description) option doesn't work- Public
  • Creating a child page with non admin user results in "You are not allowed to modify this page"- Public
  • Paging on public Download list controls is not working correctly
  • 'Schedule Publish/Unpublish' causes error “Object doesn't support this property or method”
  • The dropdown option "Edit custom sorting..." does not always appear
  • Deleting a page deletes all child pages without warning
  • Extensibility of language selector is not possible- Public
  • Backend pages is displaying front end pages- Public
  • Empty space character is displayed when editing classes for layout element- Public
  • When editing page widget template, and selecting to insert field results in HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found- Public
  • Option to expand pages is not shown when editing navigation widget- Public
  • Add new template dialog- unnecessary scrollbars are shown- Public
  • You cannot republish a page if you reach the page limitation defined by the License


  • Cannot add anchor tags and query string parameters to links in content- Public
  • Adding a filter expression in Content and then trying to filter causes an error: Operator '==' incompatible with operand types 'Guid' and 'Int32'
  • MasterGridViewElement FilterExpression does not apply the expression and you cannot filter elements in the grid
  • Can't remove description from content items- Public
  • If you select Stop Schedule on a content item and then try to schedule the item again - Exception of type 'Telerik.Sitefinity.Workflow.Exceptions.WorkflowSecurityException'  is thrown.- Public
  • Dynamic content page should display content title in head title tag- Public
  • Closing the search does not clear the search results
  • Attempting to open comments screen causes error "Unable to cast TItem to NewsItem" in News and Pages
  • Atompub service does not work for Blogs


  • News summary is cut off on MySQL - Public

Images, Videos, Documents and Files

  • Selecting a text excerpt in the content editor inside a <h> tag to insert a hyperlink links the whole text inside the <h> tag- Public
  • If more than 10 albums exist, title of the album in the sidebar is not displayed when clicking on an album
  • Documents are not appearing correctly when filtering by category- Public
  • Click on Merge albums button in Images results in In process of implementation message.
  • “Resize,Thumbnail” label is removed from Images upon a customers’ request


  • Z-index issue with events and datetime field in Events-  Public
  • Start Date and End Date appear in UTC on the public site for Events


  • Trying to create a form by clicking "Create and go to add content" button results in “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”
  • Form entries sorting is missing ascending and descending options


  • List items widget does not display custom fields when in Page list mode single item view - Public
  • Long titles for content items do not wrap/display properly- Public
  • List Items with status Draft are shown on the Site- Public
  • Checkbox for multiple selections of list items doesn't work as expected
  • Publishing a list item with length bigger than 255 chars in the body with no spaces inside results in Return code: 12152
  • Multiple List items widgets - The Expand all and Collapse all links do not work for the corresponding list - Public


  • “Auto generated fields” option in Profile user widget returns “Error parsing the template”.
  • SortExpression is not saved in News widget- Public
  • Clicking on 'Style Builder' in RadEditor causes error- Public
  • Clicking on the filter “My templates” breaks the “All templates”


  • Links to group pages are not resolved properly when having horizontal navigation with tabs- Public


  • Shared content block created via Pages doesn’t have title and content when you view it via Content/Content Block screen
  • FlatTaxonField, HierarchicalTaxonField are not working when placed on widget template
  • Classifications cannot be used in page while SF is in multilingual mode

 Custom fields

  • Some of the config files (SecurityConfig and ProjectConfig) are saved every time the application is initialized
  • Default properties from definitions are not passed down to field controls when you change the configurations- Public
  • Editing default fields for a content item breaks the persistence of the field- Public
  • Item's form is broken after ‘Predefined value’ for field of type YES/NO is set- Public
  • Multiple choice custom fields on Blog Post crashes the Blogs module- Public
  • Hiding the tags and category fields from a module breaks the interface- Public


  • SiteMapDataSource control advanced settings cannot be saved again if they are edited once in page templates- Public
  • Page is not updated after a nested template is changed- Public
  • Designing Page templates pops up random error message Public
  • Template layout - Modifying template layout causes error - "Object reference is not set to an instance of an object"
  • Preview a page template results in error
  • Wrong label is displayed when creating or editing a template


  • Problems with setting permissions for a custom role - Public
  • You can access a document file using its embedded link without having permissions to view the file
  • Widget permissions don't work- Public
  • Restricting access to one page is not working- Public
  • Setting permissions on layout elements does not work properly- Public
  • Creating a duplicate page restricts only administrator to view/edit/delete this page- Public
  • Content menu is visible for users in “Designer” role
  • Design menu is visible for users  in “Author” or “Editor” roles
  • User is not allowed to drop blocks to layouts
  • Permissions of controls are reset when reverting to previous version


  • Unnamed template can be created for newsletters- Public
  • The option "I'd like to follow up with people that unsubscribe" doesn't work in newsletter mailing lists- Public
  • User can only subscribe to one mailing list from the subscribe form in newsletter - Public
  • Missing back button when creating newsletter campaign in Google Chrome browser- Public
  • You can unsubscribe an user from the unsubscribe form more than once and it is counted in "Total number of subscribers "-  Public
  • Adding subscriber to a mailing list throws "Error encountered while saving the subscriber information."- Public
  • Mailing lists do not show if you delete a template and you cannot add a campaign or subscriber
  • The label "Subscribe to the mailing list" in subscribe form is too long and is cut off
  • Create a message template as a web page results in "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  • Editing a message template as a web page and pressing “Done” results in endless loading when editing the page again
  • Back to message templates doesn't clear the template's information in a newsletter
  • User gets error "You are not authorized to 'CreateChildControls' ('Pages')." while trying to create a Template as a page
  • User gets error "Fail" while trying to create a Template as a page
  • The option "I'd like to welcome new subscribers with an email message" in mailing lists for the newsletter doesn't work
  • Campaign reports do not generate proper results in a newsletter
  • Campaign name and message template name in Cyrillic don't appear correctly in newsletter
  • The field Email in option “I'd like to welcome new subscribers with an email message” doesn't save the reply-to email
  • Clicking on Permissions for a message template results in "Command "permissions" is not currently supported"
  • Creating a campaign using search for mailing lists returns wrong result
  • Creating a campaign as a web page breaks the campaigns- Public


  • Upgrading a project with Solarflare template from  4.1 to 4.1 SP1 and adding some language for public content messes up the home page
  • Upgrading from 4.0 SP1 to 4.1 SP1 results in problem with reordering subpages- Public
  • Language selector set as dropdown menu crashes when used in domain URL strategy scenario
  • Copy from another language, which is not default, copies the widget template settings from the default language
  • URL domain strategy leads to wrong behavior in the backend - values are persisted for the wrong language
  • "Save" button does not apply the changes when editing widget template in one translation
  • Selected theme in the page template is applied only for the default language version of the page
  • Create a page template using a layout and a page with this template results in "Sequence contains more than one matching element” when viewing the page
  • When submitting multilingual form with textbox, multiple choice, paragraph textbox or checkbox elements results in an error "Type does not contain property with that name"
  • You cannot create a new event/news/blog post after adding a custom field when backend language is Turkish/German/Spanish/Italian
  • Copying widget template settings and then changing the widget template doesn’t apply the changes when working in multilingual mode
  • Using different widget templates for page template language versions causes "Parser Error Message: The tag contains duplicate 'UseWorkflow' attributes."
  • When adding a language version from the template edit option "Copy widget settings from another translation" leaves the language dropdown empty
  • Error when trying to open a page template which does not have a translation in the current language
  • Page templates preview shows only the default language content
  • Initialization of the application does not work in multilingual mode
  • Changing the backend language breaks page hierarchy
  • "Unsupported language" exception is thrown after language deletion
  • Fallback to invariant resources does not work
  • You cannot move pages or change the page parent as it results in "The specified URL is not valid"


  • Obsolete Output Cache Settings under Page settings are removed
  • The file size limitation of files uploaded through the “File Manager” can be now set - Public
  • Attaching file with "+" in its name causes 404 error- Public

User and User Profiles

  • You can delete a currently logged in admin user in ASP.NET SqlMembershipProvider: as a result you receive "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  • Password Recovery settings cannot be created for ASP.NET SqlMembership provider- Public
  • When creating a user the grid for users is populated with his name for all users
  • In the login screen “Forgot your password” option is not listed if you have an ASP.NET SqlMembership provider
  • Profile user widget does not save values for Category/Tags
  • Logging with user from ASP.NET SqlMembershipProvider and selecting Profile link doesn’t display information
  • DateTime picker in a custom profile type is not displayed correctly
  • Saving Date and Time in User edit results in “Item could not be saved” exception
  • Editing Date field in profile widget causes error Invalid cast from 'System.DateTime' to 'System.Nullable`


  • Exception is thrown when calling ContentServiceBase.GetViewModelList
  • RadGrid cannot be bind properly on the server side, some events are never thrown- Public
  • Running older sitefinity versions versus newer database schema causes breaking schema changes - Public


  • The EditorContentManagerDialog fires multiple CustomInsert events
  • Network load balancing pages caching issues when one instance is down
  • Inserting Image as a link in a content block does not work - Public
  • Installation package doesn't work if you have a previous version of Sitefinity installed
  • Custom sorting of pages does not work
  • Custom sorting in pages is not persisted
  • Paging does not work when it is set in mode “ShowPrevAndNext” and “ShowFirstAndLast”

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