Sitefinity 11.0

Smart Content at Scale

Reinvented Content Management

A Kendo-UI, content creation and management experience with a more focused interface, enabling streamlined productivity.


New Content Editing

Enable content managers to easily create content via a progressively-discoverable content management experience that remove distractions and repetitive actions.



Reinvented Media Management

Easily leverage the new library selection tool to browse or search the image library with a few clicks. Once selected, content creators can resize and edit true scale images from the content creation page.


Dynamic Links to Pages and Content

Remove fear of broken links and easily add new links to other pages and content inside the content creation experience.


Web Security Module

Easily configure HTTP response headers from within the website administration panel to manage to add another layer of protection to your website


Sitefinity VSIX

Sitefinity VSIX is a new Visual Studio extension, compatible with VS2015 and VS2017, that allows you to create Sitefinity CMS related resources by easily scaffolding Sitefinity CMS projects. 


MVC Framework

MVC content widgets now automatically display a single content item in Detail view. The ContentViewDisplayMode property enables you to modify this behavior and configure whether single content items are displayed in Detail or in List view.


Machine Translation API

With the new machine translation API, you are now able to integrate cutting edge, language translation technology with just a few lines of code making it even easier to manage multi-lingual websites.

Machine Translation API

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