Telerik Sitefinity MVC

Watch the MVC CMS tutorials below to learn how to quickly build widgets, interactions and full-fledged applications with Sitefinity and MVC. Follow along with the videos by downloading a trial.  

MVC development in a CMS

Hello World With Sitefinity and MVC

Create your first MVC “Hello World” widget with Sitefinity, and learn more about how models, controllers and views can be turned into drag and drop widgets.

Building Content Types and Model Binding

Turn the basic “Hello Word” example into a real application by setting-up your content type and using the Sitefinity APIs to data bind your MVC widgets.

Managing Multiple Views and Actions

Build on top of a basic data-bound MVC widget and extend it with multiple list and detail views.  Learn how to manage routing and actions and how to filter various child elements. 

Advanced Scenarios with Data Input

Create widgets capable of full CRUD operations with Sitefinity data, and enhance them with forms, inline editing and other functionality.